Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Box Store Temptation!

NEVER, I repeat NEVER go shopping when you are hungry...and trying to lose weight, it doesn't end well for anyone. Today I was coming off a 4 day migraine spree, oh yes the joy, and we needed groceries desperately. I packed up the girls and off to Costco we went, next thing I know I am walking out of 7-11 with these bad boys..

It was like I blacked out, I am not sure what happened. This didn't make me feel too bad though because it was around 400 calories for both. I figured this would be my "lunch". We continued on to Costco.

There were no samples while we were shopping, which was very helpful to my waist, but not so much my ladies. As we approached the check out line my girls saw the food court menu, have you seen this thing? The churro was calling their names...and the hot dog was calling mine.
Fast-forward 5 minutes later and I found myself putting the condiments on my all beef hot dog. This Costco trip helped me remember 2 very important things

1- Don't go shopping hungry (especially at Costco)
2- Whole foods are really so much better and so much more filling

If I would have eaten fruits and veggies and a small sandwich instead of popcorn and Slurpee I would have felt full and (most likely) not have felt the need to eat a hot dog at Costco.

Despite these two major blunders for today, I brought it back to my goals by eating healthy grilled salmon for dinner with fruit salad and broccoli slaw, and doing over 1 hour of P90X.

Just remember you CAN do this! Follow along with me, comment and interact so we can help each other! Even if you aren't trying to lose weight, maybe you want to eat healthier, hopefully reading this can help you!

Question of the Day?- Is there anywhere you avoid because of potential healthy eating blunders?


  1. I wish I could avoid work - because today somebody made cookies and there always seems to be candy around. I had a very stressful day which led to me eating a brownie, a cookie and a small peppermint patty. Yikes. Back on the wagon tomorrow!

  2. I know all about stress! It is for sure a diet killer, but getting back on tomorrow is what counts!

  3. Always carry a bottle of water with you...when you feel the urge to want to eat, drink some water!

    1. That is a good idea! I heard one time before that most often when people feel hungry they are actually just thirsty.

  4. I keep crackers in snack baggies (portion control - my weak spot) and carry water. That always help. But Costco pizza is what gets me. I always have to have snacks or else I get in big trouble! Like you said, you can ALWAYS make a better choice next time you are hungry. Old habits die hard!!

    1. Yes they do die hard, extremely hard! But yes I can work at it and I will only get better! I like the snack size baggie ideas. One thing I started doing is portioning things (crackers, nuts, etc) into snack size bags right after I get them so it is easier to control myself lol :)


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