Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food Diary 7/6/2012

Every once in awhile I will do posts about what I ate during the day. I figure this will help me because let's be honest I do not want to post pictures of my Jack in the Box run, so I will (hopefully) eat healthier.

One tool that has been very helpful to me is using My Fitness Pal. I have the app on my iPod touch, and I know they have an Android app as well. It has the calories for just about everything, it also has the calories lost by doing different exercises. I downloaded the app, put in my stats and weight loss goal and then I started tracking... Be my friend on MyFitnessPal my name is, mizzb8505, be my friend and please help me be accountable, let's encourage each other!

Back to today's meals

Breakfast - 276 calories

*2 Fried Eggs- 140 calories
*2 TBSP tomatillo salsa - 10 calories- Salsa is awesome!!!
* Green grapes- 77 calories
* Strawberries- 49 calories
*Water - 0 calories

I highlighted my breakfast with a photo because I think it looked fabulous!

I decided to just do small meals throughout the day, instead of just 3 big meals.

Small meal #1- 349 calories
 Pita chips- 195 calories- it is hard to just eat 1 serving of chips!
Hummus- 105 calories
Cherries- 49 calories- 1 of the many reasons I LOVE fresh foods
Water- 0 calories

Small meal #2- 426 calories
White albacore tuna w/spicy mustard- 185 calories
Tillamook cheese slice- 90 calories
Avocado w/balsamic vinegar- 105 calories
Kiwi- 46 calories

Snack- 150 calories
Tortilla chips - 140 calories
Roasted tomatillo salsa- 10calories
Salsa is the best condiment ever!

Dinner- 620- I may have gone overboard here, but it was date night,Friday, and I did P90X.
Shrimp Burrito- 413 Calories
Tortilla Chips- 160 calories
Pico de gallo- 23 calories
Guacamole- 24 calories

After my P90 X workout I had a root beer float which was a little over 400 calories, yikes!

Totals- 2221 calories intake (food)
 Exercise-1122 calories burned
Net =  1099 calories

I think that overall I did well yesterday and I tried to eat only whole foods, with the exception of the chips I did good. I am proud of myself because I got up yesterday at 6 am (thank you ladies *sarcasm*) and after the ladies went to bed around 9 I was spent! Even though I could have gone to sleep right then, I worked out for the next 2 hours! GO ME!

Question: Are you on MyFitnessPal? How do you feel about it?
Lets be friend :)


  1. Cute blog! I'll be your friend on my fitness pal. It's the best. I've had to enter a few recipes on the site in order for them to count, but its been a great fitness tool. P90X sounds like a great exercise program. I need to look into it - I'm so far behind in what's new and cool in the fitness world. Wishing you lots of luck on your journey :) xoxo - Rachel

    1. Thank you Rachel! P90X is intense, but it burns (in some exercises) over 600 calories in one hour. You should look into it for sure! I will have to look you up on MyFitnessPal :)

  2. it is definitely better to eat small meals throughout the day instead of just 3 regular meals. If you eat like 2-3 hours apart, that will keep your metabolism going all day :) it's awesome you're getting healthy!!!!

    1. Thank you. I have for sure found that little meals work best for me, otherwise I lose energy quickly.


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