Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot Topic Tuesday: The Family

Today for Hot Topic Tuesday I wanted to introduce you to my family, and I mean all of them (there are a lot). Currently Milton, the girls and I all live in my parents house. We basically have a 3 room "apartment" upstairs with our own bathroom and we share the kitchen downstairs. The house is about 2500 square feet and 15 people live here, I know let's hear the OMG (s).

At all my kids doctors appointments they ask all the standard questions, are there any problems? Can they do ________? (fill in the blank). The last time we were there for baby's 9 month appointment there was a new MA checking us in and she asked, "now who lives in the household?" Here is my answer

"Well there is my husband and I, our 3 girls, grandma, grandpa, 6 aunts, 1 uncle, 1 dog, a hamster, and a rabbit."

Her jaw almost dropped to the floor. She fumbled some response uncomfortably  and I just chuckled to myself, people can never believe it. Multi-generational living is becoming more commonplace these days, especially with our current economic state, but onto the introductions.

I am the oldest of all 8 children and I am 26, I think you know me pretty well by now...

Candace and Manny 




Classic Facebook Photo LOL


Rockye is the only boy and the youngest, he is 20 minutes younger then his twin sister- He will know how to treat ladies, or at least how to deal with them hehehe.

That is my family (that lives with me) and they are all wonderful and awesome. I get upset and frustrated living with them, but overall I am just so grateful we are not homeless, I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Question of the Day: Have you ever lived with your family after marriage/kids?


  1. We lived with my brother after our 1st child since we couldn't afford to live on our own with 1 income and then I was able to be an apartment manager to make ends meets and live on our own as well as be a stay at home mom still and then right before we had our 2nd child I stopped being an apartment manager and we moved in with my parents for awhile until my husband graduated and then we were able to live on just his income finally! I was grateful for both times living with family too!

    1. I too am grateful, we are just getting too big (5 of us) to live in such a small space, but hopefully for not too much longer :)

  2. I haven't lived with family after being married but we did have one of Terrence's younger brothers live with us after being married for 6 months. I wasn't prepared for that, coming from a family of girls. My family would KILL each other if we lived together. Literally. I don't know how I made it out of there alive! But that makes me sad -- I always admire families that can help each other out without wanting to draw blood. So kudos to you guys!

    1. I didn't say we got along ;) Just kidding, we have fun together. Leila and Charlotte have lived their entire lives here, so I am not sure what they will do when we leave...

  3. i love your big family!!!! you guys are so very special!

  4. I have lived with varying family members since I've been married, with different degrees of success and failure. It is not an easy arrangement if all party's aren't on the same page, but it has been a blessing everytime. I adore my family. I adore your family too! Lol.

    1. My family adores you guys too! It is not easy AT ALL, but yes most definitely a blessing.

  5. You have a big, beautiful family. That's awesome that you guys get along well enough to live together. I doubt my siblings and I would last a month. LOL!!

    1. Thank you! It gets crazy sometimes (all the time) but hopefully we can move out soon :)


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