Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Little At a Time

Today I thought I would post about moderation.I believe it is a good idea to have moderation in all things, mainly food. Personally if I cut certain snacks or treats out of my diet completely, later on I will gorge myself on said snack. Think Sinbad in House Guest...the Big Mac scene. It is not pretty.

Tonight as I sat in class, I was zoning in on this girl in the row in front of me eating a chocolate bar I felt like this e-card, but it should read "Once you are trying to eat better everything someone eats is offensive".

My point being that instead of hating everyone around you eating..


If I am craving something sweet I will have a green smoothie or a "milkshake" as my girls call it. I put a small amount of agave nectar in mine just to make it a little sweeter. The recipes that I use are the pear and kale smoothie and the 'green smoothie' 

One more sweet treat I make myself is a chocolate 'milkshake', I put some ice cubes, some milk and some nesquik chocolate powder in my Vita-Mix and it creates a milkshake without the ice cream, therfore without all the other calories. 

If I am craving a salty snack then I will make some kale chips, or have some Food Should Taste Good chips. These chips have around the same calorie amount as other tortilla chips, but they are loaded with more healthy stuff and the salt craving is satisfied. 

If you are craving chocolate, there is no reason to eat an entire pan of brownies, just have one...or find your substitute.

Side note- I use the Vita-Mix which is more then your average
blender, so it makes ice super smooth and not chunky

Question: What is your snack substitute? or What snack would you like to find a substitute for?


  1. Hey Myranda! This caught my eye because I have been looking for more healthy smoothie recipes :) I have been loosely following the Bikini Bootcamp plan on Lauren Conrad's blog. My favorite sweet snack is a low fat graham cracker with low fat cream cheese and green grapes (halved on top). It kind of tastes like key-lime pie to me and is only about 100 cals. - Annie

    1. Annie,
      I may have to check out that plan, at least for possible recipe ideas. That sweet snack sounds super yummy, especially since I LOVE key lime pie.


  2. omg! I LOVE Kale chips!!! They are the best and so healthy for you. Have you made sweet potato fries? those are sooo good too :)

    1. They are good aren't they?! I have not made sweet potato fries, because I do not really like sweet potatoes...


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