Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Update!

The weekend is finally over! The weekend is T.H.E. Hardest time for me, food wise. This weekend I did pretty good up until Sunday. It was my father-in-laws birthday party and let me tell you my MIL can COOK! I got home and entered in all my calories into MyFitnessPal, every single one (it was painful). I was over by 142 calories, this was just not going to work for me, so I put in a P90X  DVD and went to work.

I really just wanted to plop down and watch Drop Dead Diva, but I didn't and that is what matters!

I ended the weekend with 70 calories remaining for Sunday, thank goodness!

On a funny note:
My hubby was walking around with his shirt off after giving the ladies a bath and S (my oldest daughter) said
"Daddy where is your shirt?"

"I am really hot so I took it off, I'm letting my fat fall off"

after my husband left the room she got quiet for a minute then she said
"Mommy, I don't need clothes on, I am letting my skinny fall off!"

She is so adorable and we just love her!

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