Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was a really awesome one! On Friday night we went out to dinner at McMenamins Kennedy School in NE Portland, if you have not been and you live here you need to try it, or even if you just come for a visit. 
Let me give you a little background on my week before I continue with my story, last week was a really BAD week, everything seemed to not go in my favor. Wednesday I sat in traffic for 45 minutes (with the ladies) to get to school, which should have taken 15 minutes, only to arrive at class and have the professor let us out 45 minutes later. Normally this would have been awesome because we got out early, yay! However, I then had to get back in the car and sit in traffic for an hour to get home, no bueno.

All last week the ladies were seriously on one, they would not listen at all and every morning they woke up acting like they had not slept at all the night before. Oh and did I mention for some reason little miss Charlie would not nap... so needless to say when Friday came along and Milton got home from work I just felt shot! So we went to dinner at Kennedy school.

The girls were behaving well throughout dinner (a rarity) and we had a fun time together as a family, which was a perfect end to last week. As we were finishing our desert (bad week remember?) Milton asked if I had the check and I realized she had not brought it to us yet...strange but then she walked up. The waitress said this "Um...this is really weird and it has actually never happened to me before." Okay...what is she talking about? Then she continued "Someone has actually covered your entire bill tonight, they said you guys have a really beautiful family." We could not believe it at all! "Tell them thank you so very, very much!" I said, that is all I could say we were literally speechless. We just sat at the table for like 5 minutes, just to make sure it was not a joke, and no one came over... "What do we do now?" Milton asked me, "I guess we just leave" I said "Well do you have any cash for a tip?" I left some cash on the table and we left. The whole way out of the restaurant I was looking at people to see if I recognized anyone, or if they were smiling extra big at us, but no such luck...

Nothing like this has ever happened to either of us our entire lives, nothing even similar. For me it was a good reminder that my life is not as bad as it may seem. Life really is good, and there really are good people out there. I know that I really needed this and I thank God for blessing us that night, I am still in shock! I fully intend on paying it forward as well. 
They aren't too shabby looking ;)

That kicked our weekend off to an amazing start. Saturday Milton and I were leaving all 3 girls to go out on a day date for our anniversary. We dropped the girls off and headed to the mall, we both kept looking for them girls or feeling like we forgot them. It has been over 6 months since we went on a date all alone, with no babies, so it took some getting used to. I had to go to the mall and spend my Gymbucks from Gymboree because they were about to expire, then we saw the eyebrow threading kiosk and I got that done (more to come tomorrow) which was so cool, we then wandered about the mall just holding hands and talking to one another which was really nice. We finally decided to have an early dinner at Olive Garden, where we ate in the Cafe (aka the bar). We would have had to wait for 15 minutes, but since it was just us, we took a small table in there and it was lovely. 

On Saturday night we had to go to a church activity, since I serve in the Young Women's program we were helping with a fundraiser for camp this summer. It was a spaghetti dinner and an auction of donated items, it turned out very well. We actually ended up fundraising over $1400!! A HUGE success!

Sunday it was the normal church activities, and some family time on the slip n' slide, followed by hot chocolate and watching the Olympics. 

This week should be different because almost my whole family is out of town, I will focus next weeks Hot Topic Tuesday on our living situation, it sure is interesting ;) I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and I look forward to an awesome week!

Question of the Day: Has anyone ever paid for your dinner? Have you ever paid for someone else's? 


  1. How absolutely wonderful!!! Yes, I have heard of this before, but it should happen more often I think. :) I have contributed to a waitresses "diaper fund" for her she was talking and struggling making ends meet. Small things like that.
    What a wonderful story you have!

    1. Kerri,
      I love that you contributed to her diaper fund, those things get expensive! It should happen more often, there are people who have so much in this country yet people are still starving it is shocking to me :/ But I am glad I now have this act of kindness to think back on :)

  2. My mother and I have. We were eating at our favorite restaurant, Chang's Mongolian Grill, and a group of younger people were sitting next to us. One of them was sharing a plate with her friend, I don't mean a nibble here & a nibble there. She was full on chowing down & Chang's doesn't play about there money. My mom & I put our money together and bought her meal. She was very appreciative, which added to our good feelings about being able to help someone.

    1. That is awesome! Ever since I had this experience I have heard of quite a few people doing this, I love it.

  3. That is amazing - I've never had that happen. They must have been really taken with you guys :)


    1. I guess they were, I thought it was amazing too! :)


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