Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Garage Sale, A Birthday and A Buddy For Life

Last weekend we had a garage sale, it was a mega huge success bust! Yes we raked in all of, a number so low I will not even share, bucks! Let me just put it this way our highest paying customer was my MIL. The highlight of the sale by far was my daughter standing at the end of the driveway yelling things like,

"We have free books for sale!"
"Babies for sale, at a low price!"
oh and my personal favorite
"Butts for sale, get your butts here!"

I really should have videotaped people's faces who heard her shouting these, especially that last one. Oh and did I mention she was wearing a tie dye nightgown and cowgirl boots? 

We had this garage sale because we have a LOT of stuff in boxes and we need some money, so we thought extra stuff = extra money. On Friday night Milton and I were going through everything in the attic to determine prices, and I found some awesome pictures, then I saw this one
My bestie and I

I have a friend, she rocks my socks off, she lives super far away , like 2800 miles far, we only see each other a few times a year, but we are still best friends, her name is Karen.

You will often hear us refer to each other as "boo", "babe", "lover" etc. because we love each other, I never knew Freshman year orientation would change my life forever in a good way.

I came into high school a lowly freshman a new student at a school where I knew NO ONE. My "best" friend from middle school was going to this school, so I (naturally) wanted to go to school with her, literally she stopped being my friend in the first week, enter Karen.

We were sitting on the football field in small groups with orientation leaders, and Karen and I bonded over the fact that our leader had never shaved her armpits, seriously more hair then my dad. Nothing against this, if it's your style, but as high school freshman this was a no-no. From that point on we were hooked on each other. Karen had gone to middle school with most of the kids in our freshman class, and I thought she lived in the more "elite" part of town with them, especially since she was wearing a Roxy hoodie (didn't you know wearing Roxy means you are rich?), come to find out she literally lived less then 10 minutes away from me!

Karen and I have had so many good times together, like the times we would drive around the city yelling things out the window of my sweet ride, oh yes I drove a 1989 Ford Aerostar, HOLLA!!
I would always pick Karen up on my way to school in this beauty, I drove her to school everyday for over 2 years. This van was a large and fundamental part of our friendship, we had lots of good times in this van.

In high school we were homebodies, we spent almost every single weekend at my house having sleep overs, the one sleep over I will never forget is when we acted out Jerry Springer with my younger siblings. We drew Chola eyebrows on my sisters and put them in middriff shirts, wish I had a picture of that night, but it truly was as funny as you are imagining. 

I have thousands of stories about Karen and I, but they would probably only be really funny to us because that's how these things always go. Bottom line: I really miss her, like A LOT!! She now lives  a little longer then the 8 minute drive I was used to and I miss her :( She is so amazing and inspiring to me, she is almost done with her graduate degree and she is currently teaching kindergarten. Karen you rock and I love you baby!
My favorite picture of her
I may die for posting this, but I had to :)

Now onto the birthday, Monday was my Lulu's 3rd birthday. I decided to take her "shopping" for her birthday. I grabbed my gift cards and coupons and off we went, I bought her 2 new pairs of shoes, and she was so excited. I felt bad because she only got the shoes and I found more stuff for S and Charlie, but they had nothing in her size. We went resale shopping, because that's how we roll in our house, and the size 3T's were all out, it was craziness. I found out that Leila wears a size 9 shoe, I wish I had a picture of her tiny leg in those big shoes, because it's so funny. She wears a 9 and so does S, unbelievable, I know my girl is going to be tall. We had such a fun girls day, I bought her a birthday breakfast AKA a MacDonalds hash brown, we went to visit my grandma, went shopping and had lunch with my grandma, she was so happy all day. 

Everyone in our family saw her and said "Happy Birthday" or called her and told her, and every time the conversation went like this:
Lulu- "Hello, it's my birthday"
Everyone else- "Happy Birthday Leila"
L- "Thank you!"
EE- "How old are you Lulu"
L-"um... (she gets off the phone and whispers) how old am I? I am 3!"
EE-"3, you are such a big girl"
L-"I know I am having a 'Niqua birthday party!, Bye I love you"

Then she would hand me the phone, every single time without fail. She is having a Backyardigans birthday party and Uniqua is her favorite character. The best conversation was when she talked to my sister Gabi who is at college, after she handed me the phone she said "She sounds happy mom, I think she is doing really good" it was so sweet! 

Question of the Day: How has this week been treating you so far?


  1. I love you SO much!!!!! I almost cried reading this because God creates special bonds between people that are unbreakable and we have that. Growing with you over the years has been an honor! Who could have guessed how far we would come?? You are beautiful inside and out and I am SO thankful you are my best friend!!! LOVE U!!!

    1. No I LOVE YOU!! We have come so far :) I WILL be coming to visit you soon

  2. Aw! LOVED reading the story about you and your bestie! :) Sounds like y'all have had some great times together!

    ♥ Shar

    1. Thanks Shar! We have had fabulous times :)

  3. Hello, Your newest follower from the blog hop! Looking forward to getting to know you.


  4. Yard sales can be such a hit and a miss. But I'm glad that your sweet girl had such a lovely birthday. Sounds like she's cute on the phone!

  5. I love friendship stories like these...


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