Monday, September 24, 2012

Faboulous Number 3

Today is my Lulu's 3rd birthday!! Happy Birthday Lulu, I cannot wait to have your Uniqua Backyardigans Birthday Party

I am so blessed and grateful to be your mommy, you are such a funny girl. You always have the biggest and brightest smile that shows all your teeth.

You also are like me, because you think of yourself as a comedian and you are quite funny

When you were born, our life's were crazy, but you certainly were our little bundle of joy.
I have about 100 pictures of you sleeping like this, you weer always in deep thought whenever you went to sleep.

Your hair is just like mommy's super thick and super long, oh except unlike me you have a tender head, it makes for some fun times combing your hair :)

You were only 7 months old in these pictures
look at that hair!!

Lulu Belle, we all love you so much, Happy Birthday baby! Oh an can we please not have the terrible 3's since we already had the terrible 2's? Thank you
Love your Momma


  1. Awwww she is utterly, totally and completely gorgeous! Such a credit to you :) Stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop! I'm one of the co-hosts this week and now your newest follower by GFC and Networked Blogs! Thanks so much for linking up! If you get the chance, we'd love you to stop by the blog and follow back :) Thanks,
    Vikki xxx

  2. She is a doll! Happy Birthday Leila! I hope she has a wonderful day!


  3. Happy Birthday Leila!
    She is the cutest thing. I so want a Uniqua birthday part! I'm a little jealous, haha!
    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  4. Wishing your sweet little princess the very happiest of birthdays!

  5. aww happy birthday leila. I am your newest follower from Absolute Mommy's giveaway =) and I am glad, because i have a 3 year old named Leila too. same spelling... =) yay for Leilas ;)

  6. ADORABLE!! Newly following from the blog hop!!
    Kristy @ Cup Of Jo

  7. Oh my gosh she is a doll. My daughter just turned 3 in July :) I am your newest follower from the hop!

  8. What a gorgeous doll you've got, Myranda! Enjoy celebrating that beautiful little girl. Those 7 month photos are adorable. I just want to reach through my screen and snuggle that sweetie. Found you from the GFC hop. Hope your week is full of joy!


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