Friday, September 21, 2012

Farewell Summer, Hello Fall

This past month I participated in another awesome blogger swap with Pretty Rambles and The Vintage Modern Wife. This one was called the Farewell Summer, Hello Fall swap. With this swap we had a partner and a $15 spending limit and we were supposed to send the items we want to hold onto from summer and the items we look forward to for the fall.

I sent my partner fun summer nail polishes, a flavored (bottle of) lemonade, a mug, hot cocoa packets, and some nice soothing bath salts and I received this package in the mail
A makeup set, travel bottle set and a candle holder. I love blog swaps!

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  1. Both packages are awesome! Thank you for participating.

  2. love what you got! thanks so much for participating! :)

  3. Oh so much fun! I love blog swaps toooooo! :)


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