Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If You Really...

knew me....

I have seen these posts all over the blog-o-sphere lately, so the sheep that I am I decided to do one myself. Especially because I love knowing bloggers personality 'quirks', let's be real we all have them.

If you really knew me, you would know that I check to see if my children are breathing at least 10 4 times per night

I love anything that is miniature, especially children's clothes and shoes. If my girls can "match" me I am all in

I hate raisins, with a freakin' passion, people say nature's candy, I say nature's crap!

I LOVE stripes, of all kinds.

I have only had 1 boyfriend and I married him, best decision ever.

I really like Little People toys. I plan to have a craft room in my house, with a special spot for my Little People sets, Truly they are so adorable, have you seen the Disney Princess ones? Feel free to send them my way

I can't watch a movie more then once. I can only re-watch a movie when it has been years since I have last seen it.

I LOVE Parks and Rec, have you seen this show? Ron Swanson is awesome!

I can read extremely fast, like a Harry Potter book in a few hours. I love reading.

I am very anxious when it comes to my family, I worry about them a lot. When I was younger (like 11) I would worry when I spent the night away from home, like something was going to happen while I was away. 

I love me some Taco Bell, and I will probably never give it up. However  I will not eat it more often then once a month or so...

Pink is my favorite color I love every shade of this color!

My sister and I dream of one day being on Saturday Night Live, I fancy myself quite the comedian

Question of the Day? What is one 'quirk' you have?


  1. Super cute blog. New follower over from Monkeys and Tutus!
    Hugs, Jen

  2. love this post-- I did one like this before. Glad I'm not the only one who loves stripes-- I think I wear something stripped everyday and when I'm in the store and see something stripped-- I almost never can pass it up!

    To answer the question: if you really knew me--I read ALL my magazines from back to front because I feel like I'm missing something in the back :) oh and I cant sleep unless I vacuum every floor in the house:)

    commented under my hubby's blog name-- for some reason its not allowing mine

    Prototype Mama

    1. Not at all, I love stripes!

      That is funny about the magazines, I never thought about that :)

  3. That is SO cool you've only had 1 boyfriend and you ended up marrying him!!! I wanna teach my daughter that the only purpose of dating is to find the one you're going to marry. Maybe that'll help her not date as much and only date when she wants "the one"

    1. Thank you, it is a good idea :) I found my one and stuck with him

  4. i am a lover of stripes also! they are the best!

    Have a great night! Drop by and say hello!

    1. They are the best, and so many different options :)
      I will come on by :)

  5. Nature's crap- lol! Your man is a cutie. ;) Let's see, quirks... Well I try not to step on cracks, not because I'm superstitious, but because if I step on a crack with my right foot, then I have to step on another one with my left foot, etc.

    1. Thank you I think so too ;)
      I am weird like that too with cracks

  6. Super fun blog! Love the "natures crap"! Totally the laugh I needed!! New follower from Yours Truly hop :)


    1. Happy to help make you laugh :)
      Thank you for following!

  7. Hey there! New Follower...thru the Followers to Friends blog hop!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  8. Love this!! I really should do one for myself--I've seen them all over, too.

    Newest follower from Friday chaos!

    Emily from Everything Emily

    1. You should do one, let me know so I can come read it :)

  9. Your blog is so fun! I love it and this post was fantastic - made me laugh. A quirk I have, hmm, well I can watch certain movies over and over and I can read favorite books over and over. LOL

    I'm from Friday chaos too! Alison

    1. Thank you! I cannot do that with books or movies, but I wish I could lol

  10. Hi Myranda, I'm a new follower from! I just love your post...I also check on my kids about a million times a night to make sure their breathing...heck...I've even been known to give them a little poke if I can't tell..


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