Monday, September 10, 2012

My Very First Time

Anyone remember that song by B2K? This post has nothing to do with the "s" word, but this week was full of first times for us.

Yesterday was the First day of school for my girl, she started Pre-K. We all woke up and got her ready, packed a lunch and left (yes all 5 of us went to take her to school). When we arrived we walked in and as she was hanging up her backpack and putting her blanket in the cubby, Lulu took off her coat and stored it away too. It was quite sad because Leila thought she was going to stay with S at school. 

Please excuse the sign, I didn't have time.

S sat down and started playing with the puzzles, other kids were clinging onto their parents and crying, but not my girl she just played quietly. Because of my major anxiety issues we waited outside the classroom for about 10 minutes, just to make sure she was okay. When we got to the van Lulu burst into tears because she wanted S, it was very sad. This is her First time not having her sister around all day. 

This week was also the First time my husband was more panicked then me. He called me from work and we had this conversation
Hubs- "How is Lulu?"
Me- "She is fine, what's up?"
H- "I just started panicking about S"
M- "You can call the school and see how she is"
H-"No, no that's ok, I'm sure she is fine"
M-"I will send you the phone number"
H-"Okay, that would be good"

About 10 minutes later I got a voice mail from him, saying the teacher said she is fine and playing well. I cannot believe he was the first to break, hehehehe. 

This week was also the first time I went for a "run". I went about 1.1 miles and it took me about 10 minutes, I could have gone longer but I forgot my inhaler. *Note to self- When running (especially for the first time) do not forget your inhaler, you will struggle to breathe-Myranda

This was also the first time (in about a year)that I was alone with just 2 kids. It felt strange.

Last week was also the First time that I actually tried something I found on Pinterest for my girls, we did a few toddler activities that they loved, the biggest one was Flubber. This is so fun and so simple to make.
*I would suggest buying like 5 containers of Elmer's glue, because those suckers are hard to squeeze. 

This weekend was also the first time we got together with an awesome family. This family has lived near us (30 min) for 8 years and we have not gotten together until this weekend, but it was awesome. We had a cookout in the backyard, went swimming and had s'mores, the girls LOVED it!

At this same backyard cookout I also tried something called Choffy for the First time. Have you tried it before? Choffy is so yummy! It is brewed chocolate, so they roast cocoa beans, grind them and then you brew it and drink it. SO GOOD! 

Question of the Day: Did you have any 'firsts' last week?


  1. No firsts today! It is feeling like the first day of fall so does that count?! Found you on the naptime review!

    1. That does count to me, it is chilly isn't it? My girls asked for heat on the way to school this morning :)

  2. No firsts last week but my oldest will have his first day of kindergarten this week! Yikes!

    1. Yikes!! I wrote about my anxiety on that last week, I was so nervous. As we speak my stomach is still partially in knots, this is her second day.

  3. ugh...i'm so jealous you got to hang out with my family!!! they are pretty awesome huh!

    1. They are extremely awesome!! We missed you guys there, and the girls had so much fun :)

  4. Your girls are so, so precious Myranda. I remember my little one's first day of preschool - I was so nervous! Love that your husband called to check on her - so sweet. Thanks for stopping by from the mingle. Now following :) Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you Becky! I will stop by your blog :)

  5. I hear it's such a bittersweet moment when a child goes off to school. That's so exciting for her though!

    1. It is bittersweet, now that we are in week 2 it is easier leaving her, especially since she loves it!

  6. My little girl started preschool a couple weeks ago, she really loves it.

    I came across your site from the Naptime review. Feel free to check out my site

  7. Aww such great pictures! Adorable :)
    Following you now through the Blog Hop.

    Follow back if you like

  8. Hi. What a lovely moment to share with everyone! I found you on the Followers to Friends Blog Party.

    Lots of love, light & sparkles from London. xxx


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