Thursday, September 20, 2012

That Was Awkward...

Last night was a fun night, we went out to dinner with a friend who was visiting from Arizona (where we used to live) who was in Portland for a business conference. I have been SUPER tired this last week, between sick babies and daily life I am just beat down, but I knew it would be fun so we went. Anywhoo we were sitting at dinner and we were just talking when my eye started to twitch, you know that tired twitch that lasts about 4.2 seconds and you can't control it. The worst part about it is that it happened every time he looked at me. Instead of just going with it, and letting the twitch take place I tried to compensate by doing something that looked like this.

Words cannot explain why I thought this would be better then a 4.2 second tired eye twitch, but I did. It was one of those times where you are doing something and the whole time you are thinking "why am I doing this? It looks weird, I probably should stop" but you keep truckin' on. I am not sure if he noticed, it probably wasn't as extreme as I remember, but I certainly am glad I don't have to see him for a while, and hopefully he can forget the scary-eye-twitch-compensation thing I was doing. 

 BT-Dubs my eye is still twitching, so I stuck to wearing shades in public instead of doing the above, I figured it was better to not scare the children. 

This reminded me of another embarrassing moment I had when I was in high school, this one makes me turn red just thinking about it, but I will share it.
We were on our way home from the store, and we were stopped on the corner a couple streets down from our street and I saw the tiniest cutest little puppy just walking on the corner. 
I looked around and saw no one, it wasn't wearing tags, so I assumed it was a stray, wouldn't you? My sister got out of the car and I started saying "OMG give me that dog, it is so cute, let's take it home" and things of that sort over and over. When all of the sudden (after my sister picked up the dog) we heard someone say "excuse me" we looked back to see a yard full of people and a guy said "that's our dog." Um wow, how did I miss all those people? Knowing full well that they heard my rant about their puppy and saw my sister almost steal it, I slumped down in my seat and we continued on home. The worst part about it, this only happened 2 streets down from mine, so I saw these people and the puppy I had tried to steal often. Nothing like being reminded of an embarrassing moment um like every other day, it still stings. 

Question of the Day: Did you have an embarrassing moment this week?

*Side note: I found this photo on a Tumblr called eye twitch, seriously it is all dedicated to an eye twitch. 


  1. I love the cool funny!

  2. Hahahah, that's hilarious, sorry! The eye twitch thing happens to me all the time. I thought it was the coffee but I stopped having caffeine and it still happens!

    1. It is funny, no lie but awkward as well :)

  3. Oh my gosh so funny!! I have had the eye twitch before and it is so not fun.. It always happens at the worst times too, haha! You made my day!


  4. haha I've had an eye twitch sooo many times ! Once I even got a forehead twitch! It was hilarious. Ahhh the life of a tired mother!
    I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog :-)

  5. I think I've made that face trying to overcompensate for an eye twitch before... :) And that's too funny you tried to accidentally steal a dog - obviously it was so darn cute you didn't notice all those people! :) Plus, it didn't have tags, so there ya go. ;)

  6. Haha! Thanks for sharing your embarrassing moments!


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