Wednesday, October 3, 2012

30 Years Young

Today is my Milton's birthday and he is 30, I have decided to share 30 reasons why he is the absolute bestest husband ever and why I LOVE him more then life!

1- You love Heavenly Father more then anything or anyone
2- You are so willing to give
3- You are completely selfless {I am talking literally wearing pants with holes to make sure the girls and I have everything we need}
4- You work so hard at work all day {9+ hours} then come home and take over caring for the girls.
5- You always play with my hair and rub my back
6- I love your eyes
7- I love how smart you are
8- You are such an amazing daddy to our girls

9- You are an amazing cook
10- I love your cheesecake {best in the world}
11- I love when you sing love songs to me {even though it makes me blush}
12- I know that you think I am the most beautiful woman on this earth
13- You will always watch my girl shows with me {even though secretly you love them ;) }
14- I love your dedication
15- You always eat everything I cook, even if it's a food failure {those are rare}
16- You always eat out where I want to go
17- You act get excited when I tell you my fab blog news
18- I love the example you set of a good man for our girls

19-You deal with my moods
20-You are proud of me
21-You buy the best shoes for me
22-Every Valentines day you take my sisters on a "date"
23- One day you will buy me a Maserati
24-I always feel safe with you
25-You check my blog and call me excited about the number of comments I get
26-You always protect me
27-I love that you are so kind to everyone
28-I love your creativity
29-It's important to you that I feel good about myself
30-You can fix anything

It was just 30 years ago that you almost didn't come into this world, but I am so glad that you made it safely so you can be mine forever, I love you!


  1. I love this! Happy Birthday Milty!! WE miss you both and wish we lived closer!!!! AND I love your blog Myranda!!!

    1. Thank you :) I wish we lived closer too, but we can still get together!

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope he's having a great day!
    Your reasons for loving him are super sweet!

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby! The list was so sweet and loved the one where he calls you and comments about your comments! hehe

    1. Thank you, it is pretty funny when he does this.

  4. what an amazingly awesome tribute to a man you are a blessed woman....


  5. I love this! Such a sweet list! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!! He sounds like an amazing husband!!

    1. He is an amazing husband, I am a very lucky girl!

  6. This is super sweet. Just found your blog today! Loving it so far. Happy Bday to Hubby!

  7. Happy birthday Milton!! Wishing you lots of healthy and prosperous years to come!!!


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