Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Portland has been rainy and cold for the past couple weeks, it has been in the 40's every night...It has been so cold that I am actually looking forward to this forecast.
With this cold and rainy weather comes a craving for soups, bread, and hot chocolate to name a few. With these cravings I worry that my fitness goals and my weight loss will go out the window. I work out outside, I walk/jog with my mom and husband every night, but I have skipped the 2 nights last week (1 of which I ate cake and Starbursts instead of walking). I wish I had a gym membership, or a treadmill but I don't so I plan on bundling up and hitting the pavement, because if I lose 10 pounds by November 7th I get a $20 Target gift card!!! My husband and I set these goals about a month ago and I plan on earning mine, because who doesn't love Target? A crazy person that's who

Question of the Day- How do you workout in the winter?


  1. I live in an apartment that has a gym and that's where I do most of my workouts. Last Saturday I did run a 5k in frigid tempuratures: 39:20! Woohoo! We thought about renting a house but having to drive to a gym just doesn't make much sense to us right now. (plus having to furnish the place.) We are sticking with the apartment. Whenever I go to PDX, I would go to Bally Total Fitness but now I don't belong to that gym. Esther Norine Designs

  2. Great goal...small and steady! I had to give up my gym membership so I have been hitting the pavement too. Fortunate for me I am 1.3 miles from a college with an all weather track and LOTS of stairs!! :)


  3. I don't. haha. not a good answer, but the holidays are more of a break for me and I "try" and work out the hardest during the summer. sorry this wasn't the answer you were looking for. haha.

  4. Um... I don't? But I'm a lamer, don't listen to me!

  5. I hate the very words "work out "
    i need to do it so much more, but i dont ever have time

  6. Following from the hop!


  7. Hi miranda! Thanks for co-hosting! I'm a new follower. Would love for you to visit my blog when you get a chance. :)


  8. Congrats on your reaching one of your weight loss goals! I'm at the beginning of my journey and I love how you treated yourself. For me, I would love to buy new clothes.

  9. It snowed here (in Michigan) last night and today!! It's too early for that! LOL!

  10. Good luck with your fitness goals! Stopping by and following you from the GFC Hop. Hope you come visit me as well. Glad you're doing the ornament swap...I remember seeing your name when doing matches. ;)

  11. good luck! great post...for the winter i try use my videos i found the Insanity Series really works or if I don't feel like jumping and moving all crazy but want to sweat my Jillian Micheal's tapes work too. Although I have been slacking in the workout department for about 4 days your post gave me inspiration! xo we are your latest followers we would love for you to stop by and check us out xo

  12. Fitness goals... I love and hate them all at once! I workout in the winter by going walking at the mall. Sounds silly. But. Leave the wallet at home and just go window shopping until you can't walk no more. No money spent but you do lose some calories! New follower here :)
    Love, The Skinnys


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