Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthdy To Me and A Giveaway

Today is my 27th Birthday, I can hardly believe it I am an adult! I have come along way from this little baby fro' and my purple dress.
I am having a big birthday giveaway!!! There are over 10 prizes in this giveaway and 1 winner takes all.But first let's meet some fabulous ladies.I decided to do a mini-interview for my October sponsors and I asked them:
1) What is your favorite blog post?
2)What are your favorite 2 blogs that you read daily?
3)What is your favorite part of fall?
4) Tell me 1 interesting fact about yourself

~The Most Important Thing in the World
~Living In Yellow and The Foley Fam
~The smells, the clothes, and the weather!   
 ~I'm from Kennebunk, Maine, and now I live in Phoenix, Arizona, so I know a little something about extreme cold and extreme heat!

~ My favourite blog post that i have written has to be family visit photo diary  just because it was such a great week. i live in seattle working as an au pair but my family are still in england, i hadn't seen them in about 6 months when they came to seattle to visit me and it was the best week. i got to play tourist with them for the week and take them around all the seattle sights, and had good old times like staying up til 4 in the morning catching up with my sister and watching vampire diaries together :)
 ~The blogs I read daily are vivianna does make up (amazing beauty advice and great review on products, have been introduced to so many amazing products through her) and fleur de force (another beauty blogger, her youtube channel is amazing-daily vlogs and beauty and fashion advice and reviews) ~My favourite part of fall is the cosiness. i love nothing more than curling up in a thick jumper and slippers on fall nights with a nice cup of something hot and yummy (preferably hot chocolate or if someone is being really nice a take away pumpkin spice latte from starbucks) in front of the fire with a good movie, book or latest episode of one of my many favorite programs :D ~I can make vanilla cupcakes and spaghetti bolognese from scratch without looking at a recipe

~Any and all posts about my son Gage are my favorite.But to narrow it down to one that describes my life outside of mommy-hood
~Blogs that I read daily: &
~My favorite part about fall is playoff baseball and college football! Go Cardinals & Roll Tide!
  ~I can recite every state in the U.S. in alphabetical order, in less than 15 seconds.Why I will ever need to be able to do this is beyond me!

~Oh my I am not sure what this would be. Probably my I Believe post. It gives you a tiny glimpse into who I really am - Crazy and all! 
~Oh my I have so many. I think I check Living in Yellow and 5ohWifey all the time
~Living in Florida we dont really get color changes so I would say decorations and lots of time with my family
~I am an extreme couponer! I am obsessed with clipping those little buggers and trying to figure out a way to get things for free!

~Just Another Day - One of my favorites. Just another day in the life but even though it was a tough one in the end I went to bed happy.
~I love Under the Sycamore she is so creative and takes amazing pics! All with 5 kids in tow. Another favorite is Band of Brothers also so creative and her four little men are just too cute! I love mommy blogs :)
~I love the leaves changing colors, school starting, scarves, tall boots and skinny jeans
 ~I love hats, if I could I would wear one every day.

~Inside the Locker Room
~Living in Yellow and here's to you Mrs Robinson
~I love flips flops. I would wear them all the time if I could.

~Oh my what a hard question hmm - I think my personal posts on my past and my illness' have to come near the top, they might not be the most well written but they are from the heart. ~ I have a list of 100+ I read though (thank you google reader) everyday but I'm going to go for the lovely Bex from Futures, and Rachael from LO_TS - those girls keep me sane!
~The colours, I know a lot of people see the leaves falling off the tree as a bad thing but I adore the colourings they bring though.

~I'm a total text book Brit I adore tea!
~Wow! There's no way I could choose one favorite! I've written about 500 posts, and I've put my heart into every single one! Here's a peek at my natural habitat. Here are some pictures of me graduating. And here is a post about the guy I love. 
 ~Oh man. I love SO many blogs. Two of my absolute favorites right now are Pam Garrison's blog, and The Wiegand's.
~I love fall! The cool breezes, the rain, lighting fires in the fireplace, burning cinnamon candles, wearing scarves and boots, and lots of family holidays! Here's one post about Fall crafts I want to try, here's a post about some of my favorite things about Fall, and here's some Fall fashion I'm excited about!
~I believe in eternal marriage. Ask me about it.

~Introducing Cara Box It's a really cool idea that I had a few weeks ago. I wanted to create something that would promote women encouraging each other and making one another feel blessed. Too often our society promotes cutting each other down or fierce competition and I really just think that's a shame.
~Hooah And Hiccups and Pillow Thought
  ~Anything PUMPKIN! And the cool fresh air.

~The earring in my upper right ear cost me $10,000. No joke.
~My favorite blog post I've written would have to be any of the posts recapping My Big Fat European Family Vacation this past May. I took 9 of my closest family members on a whirlwind 2 week vacation through 3 different countries in Europe. It was a blast, to say the least!
~I am a daily reader of Jenni's blog Story of My Life and Jenna's blog The Life of The Wife. Both are excellent reads and super sweet ladies, so go check them out!
~My favorite part of fall is the weather. It's the only time of year where the temperature is perfect for all my favorite items of clothing! Boots, scarves, sweaters are my go-to pieces for the months of September to November. Oh and the leaves changing colors is a nice bonus, too! :)
~One interesting fact about me is that I've visited 8 different countries just in the last year. Come next summer, the count till be up 18!
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  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    I would be excited to win the Ad Space! I am still new and building my blog, so exposure would be amazing :)


  2. Happy, happy birthday! Love that little baby fro and purple dress :)

    I'd love to win the free blog layout!

  3. ad space.. starbucks... candles.. all of it!! happy birthday! xx

  4. That is a serious giveaway! happy Birthday!
    Love having your feeds in my bloglovin!


  5. What a great giveaway and a Happy Birthday to you!! Glad I was able to discover your blog. :)


  6. P.S I would be most excited about winning ad space to promote my itty bitty little blog. First I would need to figure out how to make a button, I just can't seem to figure that one out. Im amazed by all you wonder women!

    1. Kelsey I can help you make a button :)

  7. I think I'd be most excited about the Free Blogger Template,
    $10 Starbucks Gift Card, and/or the Hair and Beauty Grab Bag of Goodies.
    Great giveaway!

  8. I'm most excited about winning ad space! I just started blogging and am looking forward to becoming a part of this community!

  9. I love the free blogger template. But they all look good. =]


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