Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Have Arrived

So yesterday was the pumpkin patch field trip, and it was a success.I feel as though I have arrived as an official "parent" because I have now chaperoned a field trip. I am almost 27, I have been married for 7 years and I have 3 children, but I still feel like I am living in a dream being a mommy and a wife. It doesn't seem real that 3 little ladies call me Mommy. Going on this field trip with my daughter and having kids say "S is that your mommy?" now tells me that I am officially a parent. I love when kids say "hey S's mom" as a way to get my attention. I remember my own mom talking about this when I was in kindergarten and now I get to experience it myself. The bus ride yesterday was actually with about 65 kids ages 4-6 and it was like being on a theme park ride for 40 minutes, every turn we took they were screaming and giggling. It was a fun day and a good opportunity for me to hang out with just S which doesn't happen too often.

Now without further ado I would like to introduce you to one of the pretties that has been hanging out on my sidebar this month, her name is Helen and she runs a little company called Personal Proofreading. Now we all could use a little proofreading in our lives, I am sure you have noticed that my grammar skills are less then up to par, ahem...Helen, take it away

Hello Pretty Living readers!
I’m Helen from over at Random Bits.  I’ve been blogging for years, on and off, and really got back into it earlier this year.  I love it!  It’s a great creative outlet for me and I enjoy sharing the recipes, DIY projects and crafts I make with my daughter. 
I work full time outside the house.  In an effort to change that so I can spend more time with my daughter, I’ve started my own proofreading and editing business, Personal Proofreading.  I thoroughly enjoy the immediate gratification of writing online.  I love seeing my own words instantly published when I finish writing a post.  In my business, I focus on blog and web proofreading and editing to help other writers and bloggers put their best foot forward online. 
I have a number of different options and no job is too small.  If you have one post that’s important to you or a sponsored post that you want to shine, I can help!  There are no minimum charges.  I pride myself on fast and detailed customer service with a personal touch.  Come visit at or catch us on Facebook at  I love meeting other writers and I look forward to getting to know some of you better! 
Thanks for letting me share a little space here at Pretty Living,
I think Helen is awesome and you should definitely work with her :)


  1. Glad you had such a good time! I cannot wait to be able to say the same :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  2. Looks like a fun field trip! We went to a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago and had a really great time.
    Thanks for the guest post spot!

  3. That looks like such a fun trip! I can't wait until my daughter gets old enough so I can take her :)

  4. Helen, congrats on your guest spot and good luck with your new business. I'll certainly keep you in mind if I ever need editorial help.

  5. That trip looks like so much fun! And I don't feel like a mommy either and don't think it will hit me for awhile! Haha

  6. glad you got to go with her! she is adorable! and sophia is my favorite girl's name!


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