Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lost But Not Forgotten

My Uncle Andy was just 8 years old when I was born and according to his 3rd grade journal it was a pretty big moment

Oct. 22, 1985- Yester day my sister had her baby. She namd it Maranda. She's cute now I am a ucl(uncle) to ate (8) kids. She is the youngest, she is the cuteist.

I still cannot believe it was 8 years ago we lost you
Today he would have been 35 years old
Andy you are lost, but not forgotten

Question of the Day: Have you ever lost a loved one?



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Jessica, that means a lot :)

  2. Sorry about your loss! I lost my mom last year and sometimes are harder than others, sometimes memories are more sad than they are happy. But try your best to stay strong and smile at all the memories you've had with your uncle

    1. Thank you Nicole, I am sorry for your loss

  3. I have lost quite a few I love. I am sorry to hear that but it's nice to look back and remember too.


  4. Sorry for your loss :( It's great that you have his journal to remember him by. What a special thing.

  5. Sorry for your loss. What he wrote in his 3rd grade journal is adorable, he sounds like a very proud uncle who was smitten with you. I have lost a few people, but they will always be remembered.

  6. I love the throw back pictures! Cute!


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