Friday, October 5, 2012

My Thoughts On Political Debates and A Sale on Advertising

Got ya!! My thoughts are to go read these posts (here and here) because I am not even going to touch on politics on this blog, remember they are supposed to be funny!

Now onto the few orders of business, sponsorship bargains and a birthday giveaway

Now until the end of October I am offering free ad space

When you buy 1 month of ad space, you get the next month FREE! 
That makes my Prettiest ad space just $4, now that is a bargain!
This will count for any 2 months, so pre-order 
because October is already booked!
Make sure you choose the quantity of 2 to get the second month free!
The promo code is: get1free

Next is my birthday giveaway, I am turning 27 on October 21st, and I want to go big or go home. Well actually I just want to go please help a sistah' out. 

Everyone that fills out the form below will be entered into a drawing to receive free ad space and who doesn't love that? Also if you share this post on Twitter, you will receive an extra entry in the giveaway.


I LOVE all your comments and I read every single one!
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