Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful Wednesday Giveaway

I am officially announcing that today is Thankful Wednesday. I have seen a lot of Thankful Thursday posts, but I am switchin' it up. I figured tomorrow people would be busy preparing dinners, and spending family time, so today I am talking about what I am thankful for.

~I am thankful for a husband who puts up with me. I can be totes cray at times and he still loves me, like a whole bunch. It also helps that he is super cute.

~ I am thankful for my 3 little ladies and their good health. We are currently sick (colds and ear infections) but overall we have good health, knock on wood.

~I am thankful for a roof over my head, food to eat, heat, clothes to wear, and family that loves me. So many people have none of these things I am so thankful this is not my reality.

~ I am thankful for all my blog friends, I love that when I write posts people read them and comment which always makes me smile.

~I am thankful for a nice minivan that gets us around. I don't have to worry about transportation and that is a huge blessing.

~I am thankful that I will be able to spend tomorrow having dinner with 2 beautiful families, because without them I would have nothing.

~I am thankful that I can buy my girls Christmas presents. I was complaining to my husband because we only have 1 gift for my 14 month old girl, then I realized some kids (a lot) will wake up Christmas morning with nothing to open, no decorated tree, and no stuffed stocking. So I am thankful that my girls will have things to open on Christmas day.

~Last but not least I am thankful for these lovely ladies on my sidebar! They are truly awesome and I have loved helping them this month, so please do me a favor and go show them some comment love!

Jessica is an awesome lady who hails from England but is now living in the pacific NW (whoop whoop). I realized I may need to go shopping after reading her capsule wardrobe post. She is really a sweet girl and I love checking out her blog each day, it also helps that she is a fellow Twihard!

Favorite part of Thanksgiving- as an English girl thanksgiving is all new to me so i love everything about it :D

Sarah live in the UK and I love reading her blog because I can imagine how she talks, I love accents! She is an awesome gal who hosts a weekly link up where you can post your favorite blog post of the week, which I love! She suffers from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Sydrome, Hyper mobility Syndrome and she still manages to focus on all the good in her life, we could all be inspired by her. If I were you I would hustle on over to her blog and get ad space because it is b1g1 free all through November!

Favorite part of Thanksgiving- I'm in the UK so we don't do Thanksgiving.

Lauren is one cool momma, she does an awesome feature called Toddler Tuesdays but if you aren't into toddler activities she does a weekly link up about our favorite thing in the world...Pinterest. It's called a Pintersting Party and it happens every Saturday, so hustle on over this weekend. Lauren always has something awesome happening on her blog and she is overall a wonderful person, so go check her out.

Favorite part of Thanksgiving- We always watch the parade & we're breaking out the Elf on a Shelf this Thanksgiving night!

Kelsey is such a sweetheart, I love having her on my sidebar. She is a new-ish blogger, but don't let that fool you she has already educated me on copyright laws. She also has some awesome skin care tips, and we share a couple items on her bucket list. You should defenitely get to know her, because she is awesome!

Favorite part of Thanksgiving- Every year we go up to my Grandparent's house in the mountains. We sing, dance, put on plays, and eat tons of food. It's perfect!

Megan is super awesome! She is a momma to 2 (soon to be 3) little ones and they are adorable! She has a super awesome program running right now called, Resolutions in Motion, I hope you joined! Her blog is an awesome one to read, and I check it out on the daily! She is also super cute and has really cute clothes. She is also offering a 10% savings on her Cents of Style site with the code "0512", they have super cute stuff so you should check it out!

Favorite part of Thanksgiving- Taking a walk in the crisp air after eating lots of food...won't be too crisp in AZ but oh well!

You can also enter to win these fabulous prizes from a few of my ladies

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