Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where I'm From

Remember that lovely picture I showed you last week? 
Yep that's the one. 

I bet you're wondering why I looked like a crazed scientist, why the picture looks so strange, and what the heck I am doing? 

Well honestly my hair has a way of always looking crazy at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much product I use or how much styling I always comes undone. 

The picture looks so awful because 1- it was scanned in and 2- this was about 10 years ago and my camera was crapola. 

What was I doing? My mom, my grandma, my sister and I were cleaning out my uncle's storage unit and we found all sorts of treasures, including these beauties, don't you love my safety glasses? 

I love to have fun and my sister and I love to reenact make up our own SNL skits, so that night we found some fun "props" and went to town. 

Post script- it really wasn't that funny, but it was late on a Friday night and we were all so tired that it seemed hilarious. 

More pictures for your enjoyment

I rarely take normal photos

I look good in this picture, I made my husband take about 30 because I finally looked normal in a picture. 

But now back to the post title where I am from?

I am from these two

Do you really have to wonder any further about why I make those weird faces?

Question of the day: Do you have any crazy/fun/silly pictures or stories to share?

THAT just happened


  1. HILARIOUS! Loved this post!! You and your family seem like fun people...we'd totally hang ;D

    And yes, I've got plenty of photos that can be used for blackmail. I try to post some on my blog every once in awhile ;)

  2. I am really good at raising my right eyebrow. I don't do it often enough. On occassion, I think its fun to give funny looks at work because I don't like being that serious. I try not to have photographic evidence of my silliness. Esther Norine Designs

  3. Aww I just shared some of my funny pictures yesterday. I make this one face all the time and I don't even realize I do it anymore!!

  4. My Dad had a perm when he married my Mom...So that's kinda strange...I have too many funny photos and sadly most of there are lurking around the internet on peoples FB pages.

    Oops. College...

    Everyday with Hazel Mae

  5. Ha ha, so funny! You guys must have so much fun taking these pics!

  6. I love the bed seductive...

  7. Hahahaha those are great!! Thanks for linking up :) I bet we'd have a great time together lol I'm silly too :)


  8. That's awesome!! I'm pretty sure those pics are floating around my Dad's house somewhere! LOVE the pleather pants!!!


  9. haha! I'm usually the straight faced picture-taker in the's my husband I have to keep an eye on!

  10. I'm loving your dad's Eddie Murphy leather pants. Here's my dad in the 70s in a superfly three piece:


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