Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I Have a Dumb Phone


I have a stupid phone, it's small, it actually has a *gasp* keypad and there is nothing "smart" about it, but I have had it for the last 2 years. Every smart phone under the sun has come out, but still I have my dumb phone. You may be asking yourself...


2 years ago I had a smart phone, it had e-mail, Internet and the ever important Facebook on it, but I found myself on it constantly. When my girls talked to me my face was in the  phone, and I was telling them to hold on so I could read my news feed, I would even snap at them if they interrupted me.  If my husband and I were out at dinner, we had our heads down in the phones not interacting. I found myself pulling the phone out at every possible moment, even taking it to bed with me so I could check it the moment I woke up. 

Nothing is wrong with smart phones, in fact I really want an  iPhone, but I was obsessed and not in a good way. I was ignoring things and people because of this "smart" phone. This so called "smart" phone was not working out to be such a smart idea for me. So I decided to downgrade to my dumb phone, it calls and sends pics and text messages, it can't even send or receive video messages. 

Have you heard the question,
I don't know what we did before smart phones?
Let me tell you

*I get directions before leaving the house (or call the hubs and have him look it up)
*I take a longer time to respond to e-mails
*I only check my social media when my computer is on
*If I need to look something up, I write it down and find it later when I am on the computer
*I don't upload as many pictures to Facebook
*I don't do a grocery list on my phone, or use any apps for that matter

The past 2 years have not been horrifying with my dumb phone, they have helped me put things in perspective and remember what is truly  important. Relationships and people are important, I am so grateful that the Internet has connected me to so many awesome people, but I don't need constant access to it to build these relationships.

I know the phone didn't make me do anything but without it I feel I am better able to focus on my family, and besides I can't take a phone with me when I die, no matter if it's smart or dumb.

Question of the day: Do you have a smart phone? Do you wish you didn't?


  1. I have one and we have discussed over and over again whether to downgrade at the end of our contract. From a business standpoint its awesome. However from a personal standpoint I totally get where you are coming from. Its the money too. Our bill is stupid, i feel like Im wasting that money. Grrrr. (she types from her smart phone, d'oh)

    1. I agree that from a business standpoint it would be awesome to have one, but that $30 each month is such a big number, that is a date for the hubs and I or taking the kids somewhere or going to the movies, so it is hard to think about spending that $30...

  2. I actually broke my smart phone a couple of days ago and am now just finding out how dependent I really was. It's a scary thing to know that a phone can have so much "control" over your life. I commend you for knowing how to step back and see it for what it really is, maybe I should do the same.

  3. I had a smart phone too, and like you, that thing was glued to my side! Looking at our bill I realized I used it to just talk to Buck and surf facebook. Plus it was stupid for us to have 2 phones plus his work phone. (Buck has to have his work phone on him at all times just in case there is an emergency.) So we got rid of my phone and just share the one phone. Works pretty well for us.

    1. Shawna, I think that was the deciding factor for me was that I just used it to be on the internet and post pictures to Facebook. I wasn't really using it for another purpose. That is good that you guys can get away with sharing 1 phone, maybe that is our next step

  4. This is a great post Myranda...Sometimes we all need to have a perspective check.


  5. I've actually never even had a smart phone. (I know what kind of 20 something college student am I?) lol People will always ask me how I manage to survive without one, but personally I think I'm better off. As you said, I'm less distracted. I'm not in class checking my facebook when I should be paying attention to the lecture. And I can devote all my focus and energy to my daughter instead of playing level 50 of Angry Birds (if there is a level 50).

    Unfortunately this generation has become so dependent on having everything they need right at their finger tips. It sort of makes you wonder just what will happen if they find themselves without that technology???

    Great post!


    1. Reese, i can't believe you have never had one *gasp*, just kidding. They are very distracting, and I am glad that I can easily say I can live without one.

  6. I never used a smart phone until I started working for AT&T and was given an iphone to use. After working there a couple years I quit but then just started paying for the data on the phone because it was the only phone I had. Now I feel like I couldn't function without it! We use it as a GPS, IPOD, way to skype with family, it just does everything! I almost just wish they were never invented because then we wouldn't be so glued to them. Tim and I have just decided that we put our phones away when he gets home from work that way they aren't a distraction. That has seemed to work pretty well.

    1. Awesome that you were given the iPhone, I wish... I agree that they can do so many awesome things but rules would need to be in place for me not to overuse the thing. I like that you put them away when you husband gets home, that is a good idea :)

  7. I love this! I don't have one and you listed one of my 2 reasons for not having one. I know I'd be glued to it and obsessed just as you described. I have seen it happen with too many people I know. No one needs to know that I'm eating at Moe's or see a picture of the traffic jam I encountered on my way to work. My second reason is from a financial standpoint. If my husband and I got smart phones, we wouldn't be able to give to some of the organizations we give to. Giving to a worthy cause means more to me than having a cool phone. Do I think it would be neat to have one? Of course...I'm human.'s a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

    I'm a new follower and looking forward to getting to know you better.


    1. Megan, I also think it would be great to have an iPhone, and when my contract comes due in August I may consider it. But I don't think I am there yet and I really don't want to be obsessive with it.
      Thanks for following!

  8. Myranda, that picture you included looks a lot like my 'dumb' phone. It's slides open to reveal a keyboard that I never even use haha. I sometimes wonder how we human existence ever survived before smart phones... the way people obsess over them kills me. My husband and I went out to eat on Thanksgiving, and we were shocked to see a couple sitting at the table each on their own cell phone... totally ignoring each other. It was sad. I don't want to be that person.

    Nothing wrong with smart phones, but there needs to be limits of how often/when to use them.

  9. I have an iphone 4s and I love it. We stare at our phones when we are at dinner too. Sometimes, I stare at an ipad instead. I delete apps and find apps all the time. I don't pick it up as much at work though. I am supposed to be working (but truthfully, I am blogging on my computer.) Esther Norine Designs

  10. I think this is a really good idea. I am really bad about being on my phone constantly, and I shouldn't! It's just a phone! Maybe we should have a new rule in our house... :)

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and I love it, but I am on it alot. I am, however, aware of it, and I will consciously check myself if I get irritated at being interrupted or if I'm missing out on a conversation. And I do NOT take it out at the table, unless it's the phone ringing and the ringtone belongs to a family member. Great topic!! And one to think about.

    I'm a new GFC follower from the Find + Follow Friday blog hop! I would love to have you swing by and follow me back when you get the chance!

    Have a great day!
    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  12. Thanks for taking part in the blog hop :)

    New follower

    xo, rambling Momma

  13. wow, my husband and I are horrible with our phones! (I kept thinking yep! we do that, and that, and that...)
    and you're absolutely right! It's one way to make sure you take time to be prepared and be present. :) love this post!

  14. i am all the way with you! i had a smart phone for sometime and them had to go about half a year without one. it taught me a lot of lessons about unplugging and just living life. now that i have one again, i have don't use it as near as much as i want to. that's very admirable that you were able to realize that and make that step.

    also, i am loving having you on my sidebar! i really do love your blog, just thought i would let you know that! :)


  15. Hee hee, I have a "dumb phone" too. I use a prepaid phone and I just recently upgraded from a flip phone to a touch screen that was on sale at the Dollar General. I'm soooo fancy.

  16. New follower via the blog hop.
    I am addicted to my iphone. I literally don't know how to live without it!

  17. I'm totally guilty of the same things! I tell myself all the time to cut down and I just never get around to it. Even as I sit here and catch up on blogs on my laptop, I'm playing around on my phone too. SO ridiculous!!

  18. Ha, I'm such an oxymoron: I have a smartphone, but I kinda resent it. I stopped using it earlier this year and went back to it late November. It's only been three weeks and I'm already sick of it again. I use it just like a regular phone though. Calls, text, the occasional web.

    I hate the chimes for my email, which is usually insignificant. I imagined using it for all these cool things, and that my life would be better, but in reality, I still do all the things with it that I did with my old phone: calls, text, web.

    Heck, the only apps I have are to make sure that the phone runs halfway well!

    I think I'm going to go back to a dumb phone permanently in 2013.


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