Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas on the Cheap- Hobo Stew {giveaway}

Did you ever have hobo stew growing up? What is hobo stew you ask? It is a stew (duh Myranda) where you take random ingredients/leftovers from the fridge mix it all up and make a stew. This post is a mixture of all different things rolled into one, so enjoy.

First up a review and a recipe. I recently received 2 bottles of Torani syrups from SheSpeaks, and let me just tell you, this stuff is the bomb dot com. Seriously so yummy
 They sent me hazelnut and salted caramel syrup, can you guess which one is the favorite in my house?

Yep, the salted caramel took #1 in my book, we got these bottles on Monday, um...moving on.
The recipe is pretty detailed, so please stick with me through all this and pay attention, 1 misstep can mess up the flavors. 

 Gather the ingredients
*Hot chocolate packet
*Torani syrup (This is the #1 ingredient)
*Super cute mug

 The super cute mug is optional, but come on look at this thing

1- Pour hot chocolate powder in the mug
2- Add boiling water
3- Pour in 1 or 10 2 Tablespoons of Torani syrup
4- Add milk to cool- About 1/8 cup
5- Stir with a baby spoon and enjoy, the baby spoon just makes it taste so much better ;)

I have long been a fan of Torani syrups, my mother-in-law uses Cream de Menthe Torani with warm milk and the kids have green milk. I also LOVE using it with my soda stream, I just carbonate the water and use Torani syrups instead yum! I love the blood orange, salted caramel and raspberry Torani syrups. These syrups easily spice up any drink, desert, or recipe I really think you should try them out ASAP.
This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks & Torani

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Good luck!!


  1. I wanted to say CONGRATS fo winning the iPad mini! You seem like such a sweet person and I'm glad we could all create something to make your holidays just a little brighter!

  2. congrats girly on winning the Ipad that is so awesome! I hope you have an amzing Christmas this year :)

  3. Cool ~ Thanks again for mentioning Reagan's Toy Chest ~ You rock sister.. Lots of loves!



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