Monday, December 10, 2012

Comfortable in My Skin

I am not comfortable in my skin, but I have never been. Even when I weighed much much less I still felt uncomfortable about my body. I have been trying to figure out why I am fat
Am I lazy?
Do I just love food too much? 
Do I stress eat?
I asked myself these questions and many more and I may have found the answer...

It has nothing to do with food

I don't LOVE myself, not even a little
I judge so harshly
I am dumb
I can't do anything right
I don't work out enough
My house isn't clean enough...the list goes on

I have never loved myself, and I don't know why.
I have been told I am a good wife
a good mother
a good friend and a good person
I don't believe it
 "they are just saying that it's not true"

I NEED to start believing it! 
I used to think that losing all this weight would make me feel this way, then I remembered way back when I weighed less and I still had the thoughts of self-doubt. 

So starting today, I will work on 
No longer beating myself up
Loving myself
Believing in my goodness, and trying to love myself for who I am inside- not my outside.
Knowing that I am worth it

Don't get me wrong I am still trying to lose weight and tone, but I have realized it will take much more then that to make me 
Love myself

Question of the day: Do you LOVE yourself? Do you know YOU are worth it?


  1. I struggle with this a lot, I think all women do. This morning my answer is no, but that might change by tonight. I had hoped to spend 2012 figuring all that out but Project 2012 fizzled in week two of January. Maybe 2013 is my year.

  2. I used to be very much the same way, still am sometimes, I went to see a therapist and the best thing she ever did was tell me to get this book, Self-Esteem by McKay and Fanning. It made such a huge difference and helped me change the way I think about myself. I recommend it for anyone in this situation.

  3. good luck :3 sometimes I feel fine, and other times I'm just like... ugh. I'm so boring. It's hard to remember, but definitely important!

  4. girl I feel ya. I think everyone does in a way. Thanks for posting about it.


  5. You can do it girl. But I feel you too. I'm not overweight and it's hard for me to get into a bathing suit because I hate my body. I think society has done it to us. Poop. YOU CAN DO IT! :) XOXO your newest follower

  6. So many women struggle from these very same issues. In some ways I think the blog-o-verse contributes to this immensely. We are constantly surrounded by seemingly perfect mommy-bloggers who never have a hair out of place, keep immaculately clean homes, and can bake a perfect three-tiered cake, a recipe book worthy four-course meal, and create a yoga mat using a single thread of yarn and glue. I always try to remember that sometimes they're only showing the best of themselves. I'm sure they have off days jut like the one you're having.

    Just keep on keeping on girl! You're beautiful. None of us are perfect. It's our imperfections that make us all uniquely beautiful.

    And to answer your question, Yes, I love every single inch of myself. I am the only me, and it's my duty to represent myself to the fullest!


  7. I think every one can relate. Thanks for writing this post! I'm very self conscious to get into a swim suit. I didn't even own one from about 16-21.
    It's hard work and takes time to lovd youself. I work on it on a daily basis.

  8. This is a hot topic for all women! Especially during the Winter season because we can all wear fluffy sweaters and hide. But you are absolutely starts with loving yourself first and believing it!

    You are a beautiful person and I don't read your blog daily because you suck..I read it because you are awesome. You make me laugh and I love your commitment to everything you do!


  9. Hey, I know the feeling. I wrote a post speaking directly to this today, maybe it'll help. You need the help of someone bigger than you to overcome.
    You can email me too if you want to talk :

  10. dude, I so totally just wrote a post about this last night and 6 truths I've learned through my years of internal battle that help me. I was feeling myself start to slip into hopelessness and needed a little reminder of why we should not despair. it's always good to connect with others who understand where we're coming from!

  11. When we get down and depressed about ourselves it releases cortisol and that helps our weight pile up without us even knowing. Loving yourself is hard especially as woman but so important!

  12. *hugs* I think we all go through this at one point or another.


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