Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Don't Need No Education!

I fully believe in gettin' real smart, and clearly from my writing I can use a few more classes. But really in all seriousness, did you know that I am a full-time college student? Did you also know that I only have 20 more credits until I graduate with my bachelors degree?

20 MORE!!!!!

As I have mentioned before I love saving money and pinching pennies, but being a full-time college student there are expenses you cannot use a coupon for, like education costs. You better believe your sweet buns that I was so excited when I found Campus Book Rentals, this site lets you rent textbooks, which I LOVE. I usually go and drop around $300-$500 per term on textbooks, then when the term ends I get about $50 from the buyback, something seems wrong with this equation. With Campus Book Rentals you save up front which means more money in your hot little hands. Some benefits are

*Save 40-90% from bookstore prices (hello awesome)
*Free Shipping both ways (you had me at free)
*Flexible renting periods (For someone who keeps a Redbox movie for at least 3 days extra I love this)
*30 Day worry free gurantee (in case you have to drop a class)
*They donate to Operation Smile with every rental

An example for all you visual folks would be the above book. I need this for the next term
List price = $97
CBR= $53.46
Savings = $43.54 or around 55%

How many Starbucks drinks could $43 buy? A lot! So bottom line is sign me up for Campus Book Rentals, and if you are in college you should rent your books too, it will save you a bundle!

Question of the Day: Have you ever rented your textbooks?

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  1. I never bought my books for full price when I was in college. I always bought used it I couldn't find them to rent or borrowed from someone that had taken the class before.

    It's atrocious that books for school are THAT expensive!


  2. I bought my university texts mostly used. I minored in English Literature so I actually bought most of my books for those classes new and kept them because I'm a complete geek like that haha!

  3. textbooks are soooo expensive! i always buy mine online (like on amazon) for a lot less than at the school bookstore. but renting books is definitely a great idea! i'm gonna do that next semester. :)

    <3, Mimi


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