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Shaping Up Christmas {Giveaway}

I have never been more happy for a new day, you wanna' know why? It is officially winter break! This means
Can you tell that excites me? Just a tad

Christmas is next week ahhhhhhhhhh excuse me I just had to scream for a moment because I am not quite ready, but I am back now. Growing up we always reenacted the Nativity on Christmas Eve with costumes and everything. It was a LONG tedious and quite hilarious process and created awesome memories. Some years we even had a live baby Jesus, but it was only a boy 1 year...

We also always got new pajamas on Christmas Eve, I love a new pair of pj's, don't you? All warm and snuggly, but now the pajamas are getting a little out of hand. My girls end up getting 3 pairs, between us and grandparents, but the more the merrier. 

Today I have Megan from Shaping Up To Be a Mom talking about her Christmas traditions and sharing an awesome giveaway with you guys.
Megan is giving away an awesome Cents of Style winter accessory, and offering my readers a coupon code for 10% off. The best part about it is there is always free shipping from Cents of Style in the US!
Take it away Megan!

Hello, Pretty Living readers! I'm Megan from Shaping Up To Be A Mom, and I'm excited to be sharing Myranda's space today.

It's that time of year again, so I thought today I'd share a few of my family's Christmas traditions (old and new).

My first Christmas, in 1984

Christmas was a really fun time growing up. My mom has always been really big on parties and holidays, down to the smallest details, so we always had the best celebrations. Living in Maine, we always had a real, fresh Christmas tree that left the house smelling of pine.

Christmas 1988

We did colored lights, and now I do the same on my tree (which is a lovely fake, since we now live in Arizona). I love seeing my Christmas tree lights first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Vanessa, Christmas 2012

We had the tradition that we opened gifts from siblings on Christmas Eve. At first it was just my brother and me exchanging, and then when my little sis came along, the three of us exchanged (then we each had TWO presents to open). It was supposed to be done in the evening right before bed, but as we got a little older it got pushed earlier and earlier as we begged my parents to let us open the gifts!

Sibling gifts, Christmas 1988

I'm continuing that tradition with my own kids now. This is Carter's fifth Christmas, and Vanessa's second, so this is just the second time they'll be exchanging with each other. Christmas THEY will have TWO gifts to open. ;)

Carter and Vanessa, Christmas 2012

On Christmas morning, we always got our stockings first. My mom would fill them with little gifts, candy, and a variety of toiletry items. When I married my husband and first did a stocking for him, he found it odd that I filled it with toothpaste and deodorant (among more exciting items), but hey, that's just something we've always included in stockings!

Carter's 1st Christmas, 2008

We also always had one (usually larger) unwrapped present under the tree on Christmas morning, from Santa, which we got first thing, along with our stockings.

Carter, Christmas 2009

Then it was time for breakfast, which usually included french toast and bacon! Mmm....

Then after breakfast we would open our presents. At least that was how it was supposed to go. Many Christmases we just couldn't wait and opened our presents before breakfast. Truth be told, it was often my dad who would just say, "oh let's just open them all!"

Carter, Christmas 2010

I've decided that, for my own children, "Santa" will bring them each one gift, which they will find unwrapped under the tree in the morning, and "Santa" fills the stockings. All the wrapped gifts are from Mom and Dad and siblings!

Vanessa's 1st Christmas, 2011

A tradition that my husband had growing up was "doing funny walks out to the tree." Christmas morning, nobody was allowed to go out to the tree until they all lined up and agreed on a silly walk to do out to the living room, which was usually videotaped. We might just have to add that in to our Christmas morning traditions!

Christmas 2011

I also like to do something special late on Christmas Eve. When I was younger we often attended church services that evening, or sometimes even at midnight. We haven't established a specific tradition yet with our kids, but even just taking a walk to look at the neighborhood light displays is a nice thing to do.

Well, if you weren't already excited for Christmas, I hope you are now! I'd love to hear what traditions you and your families have for the holidays, so please drop by and tell me!

But I'm not leaving without an awesome giveaway! I sell fashion accessories for Cents of Style, and one of you is going to win your choice of a hat or scarf from our winter accessories collection, which you can find here and here!

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Thanks for reading, good luck in the giveaway, and don't forget to drop by my place to say hi!

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  1. Yeah it's finally winter break down :D So lovely interview from Megan :)
    Noor @Noor's Place

  2. That 2011 picture is ridiculous! So cute!!


  3. Hey Myranda! So I've been to Portland and back and I never had a chance to meet up with you! One of the bikes we brought gave out and Mo had to take it to class and fix it and by then it was the end of the week... anyway, lame excuse, but I just took the train around, but the GOOD news is that we loved it there! We want to go back sometime when it's nicer weather and see some more of it! I'll keep you in mind for the next trip. :) hope you're having a good week, and if I don't talk to you before, have a merry christmas!

  4. I'm so excited for Christmas but I wish December would slow down!


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