Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sweets and Treats

Recently I was sent a nice package from Moms Meet of Xlear SparX candy and tooth gel to try out. I will show you what the girls thought of it

I would say it gets a thumbs up from the littles, and as far as the momma is concerned also a definite thumbs up. I loved this candy, it almost feels wrong calling it candy because it doesn't have the typical junk that normal candy has. Xlear SparX comes in 3 flavors, we tried the Citrus and the Fruit, I preferred the citrus and so did my girls, and all 3 flavors are free of artificial colors and flavors which I love. The only real reason I didn't like the fruit is the banana flavored one did not taste good to me. I also love a bargain so the fact that it is just $1.49 a tube makes it even more appealing. 

Here is some information about Xlear from the company

"Xlear SparX is sweetened naturally with xylitol, a plant-based, dentist-recommended sweetener that's been proven to improve dental health and strengthen tooth enamel. 

Xylitol doesn't interfere with the body's blood sugar levels or insulin production, making it safe for kids and adults on a sugar-controlled diet."

Before trying Xlear SparX candy I tried the gum and loved it, the flavor was awesome and I could just imagine it helping my teeth as I chewed. I usually go for gummy candies, and Xlear SparX is hard candy, but chewable just not in a gummy form, so it's not the usual but I liked it a lot as did my girls. 

In my honest opinion I really liked this candy, I would totally recommend it to people and I will give it to my kids in the future, as I type this they are clawing at me trying to eat the entire container, so needless to say they love it, and I love that it is better for them then other sweets. 
If you're interested in learning more about the product you can find information on their website or Facebook.
I also really like the tooth gel
Question of the Day: Have you ever tried any Xylitol products?
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  1. Oh my gosh ~ Look at those faces! So cute!
    I'll have to check out that tooth gel. Reagan loves to brush her teeth!


    Would love for you to stop by and enter my giveaway for a Wooden Redwood Train for the holidays!


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