Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving Post- Simply Ashley

Hey guys, I'm Ashley and I am taking over Myranda's blog for the day because she is in the middle of a MOVE! SO exciting!
I blog over at Simply, Ashley. Mostly about mom things, wife things and 23 year old things. So if that strikes your fancy, come on over!
Today though, I am sharing with you my most INSANE moving story ever.
It occurred a mere six months ago.
We (Jake, Addie and myself) currently live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida! But about six months ago we were living in our home state- Indiana. We miss it dearly, and I am sure we will be back there eventually.
Things were extremely rough. Jake was working at a high end restaurant as a pantry chef and all of a sudden stopped getting paid. I am a stay at home mom...AKA...NO income...none.
After a month of this we started to panic because the leasing office of our apartment building started talking about evicting us and we really had no idea what we were going to do.
And let me tell ya'll- the Lord works in mysterious ways!
Jake's grandmother had a stroke this same month. His mother (who lives here in FL) had to come up and stay with his grandpa to help and obviously be with her mother.
Long story short-
Jake's mother and step dad own a commercial cleaning company- Jake had explained everything that was happening with the restaurant But it took his mom really SEEING with her eyes that we really weren't getting paid to really spring into action they made room for us, and found a way to squeeze Jake into the company.
We packed up out entire apartment in four days.
We put our daughter on a plane with my MIL and flew her to Florida.
Jake and I fit what we could in our Dodge Caravan and left the rest in the apartment...and we didn't look back.
We literally decided to move, packed and left in a five day span of time- God made it possible and we have NEVER been in a better position financially.
The restaurant got shut down.
The other employees who worked there, which were family of ours, now work at an amazing restaurant and are doing great too.
And Jake's gma is recovering well!
It is just insane what a move can do.
So I wish you, Myranda the most AMAZING amount of luck and blessing with your move. I know how much it can change your life. I hope it is a great experience for you.
Have any of you had a divine intervention like this?
Come tell me about it!
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Tell me that was not amazing? The Lord does work in mysterious ways, thanks Ashley!

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  1. Ashley, I'm a stay at home mom as well and one of my worst fears is my husband losing his income. I pray for him and his job without ceasing but I do know that God is our ultimate provider and He makes ways out none and turn situations around for the good just as He did in your situation here. I'm so glad you shared this story...reminds me that I need not have any worries!!!

    So happy everything is working out for you :)!

    1. It was definitely a scary transition for us! But everything always works together for the best I think! We cannot worry about the future, only trust in God and his plan.

  2. Ashley, I never heard your moving story! Totally amazing! :)

    1. thank you! It was a tough time! but we are better for it!

  3. I've been contemplating a move to another state for better job prospects but I'm just so scared of change. :(

    1. You will never ever know how greatly your life can change until you make the jump. To say we went blindly and faithfully is a complete understatement. The fact that you are even considering it makes me think it might just be the right thing to do! Email me if you want to talk some more!

  4. Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes? Originally my hubby and I were supposed to move to Boston for a job but it just didn't feel right so he turned down the job. 2 weeks later he was offered a WAY better job that keeps us much closer to family. ):


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