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Pharr Away- Moving With A Baby

I am so excited to have Nicole sharing her tips on moving with a baby today, where was this 3 years ago? If you are moving with a little one, you want to read these! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a giveaway!
Hello, friends! My name is Nicole and I became a new mom to Madison, wife to Mario and homeowner all in one year (2012)! On my blog, Pharr Away, I share my thoughts as an engineer turned stay at home mom, who's learning to submit / honor the hubby, raise the kiddo, cook from scratch, etc., know, "Susie homemaker" type stuff!

I've enjoyed getting to know Myranda through blogging and I am so thankful that she's allowing me to share my thoughts in the space she calls her own while she and her family are in the process of moving!

Not only did I move from my apartment into Mario's place while I was pregnant, we turned around and moved into our first home when the baby was just 3 months about crazy!  Let's just say I won't be doing either of those ever again but here are just a few tips to help someone who may have to move with a newborn in tow (most of these tips will apply to moving, in general)...

ONE - Pack gradually...
Let's face it, you usually know way ahead of time that you're about to move.  If you're a procrastinator like me you start packing about 2-3 days before.  With a baby in the mix you should definitely spend at least two weeks packing bit by bit.  Two weeks may sound like a lot but it's barely enough time when there is a little baby taking up so much of your time in the first place, not to mention how tired you probably are on top of it!

TWO - Seek helper(s) <--yes, multiple...
The ultimate thing to do would be to hire movers and I highly recommend it, but they're costly (optional).  If hiring help isn't possible then seek help from family / friends.  You'll need plenty of extra hands to speed up the process and potentially help relieve you (and / or your partner) of the baby.

THREE - One of you will do more work (way more)...
Either you or your partner will spend a large amount of time catering to the baby.  There is no way around this so go ahead and anticipate that one of you will be doing more work than the other (make sure the helpers understand this too).

FOUR - Invest in a baby carrier...
It didn't occur to me to use a baby carrier until weeks later, so Maddie was in my arms the majority of the time (i.e. I basically did nothing)!  Having a carrier is such a must if moving with a little one.  This would free up your hands so that you can help a bit more in the actual moving process.

FIVE - Hire someone to clean...
There is no way you can do it all so hire someone to clean the home you're moving into and the one you're leaving (if renting).  I believe this is totally worth the cost!

SIX - Setup bedrooms first (especially the nursery)...
First and foremost, get the nursery and your room setup first in the new home. The last thing you want is to throw off any sleeping habits / patterns you've formed. It will already be hard enough to get the baby adjusted to the new environment, so go ahead and make it as comfortable as possible (for all) right away!

SEVEN - Hire a sitter...
If you're willing, you can hire someone to keep the baby for that day (optional). This wasn't an option for me because my daughter was still so young and apparently I had attachment issues (admit it, you did too with the first one)! However, it would be ideal to simply hire a sitter so that you can just focus on getting it all done.

As we all know, moving is hard and tiring enough without a baby.  It's twice as hard, if not harder, with one, so make as many preparations as you can in advance to make the process easier.  I hope these tips will help a bit!

Do you have any moving tips (with or without a baby)?!?  Do tell!

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  1. I do not have any tips but these sounds great!

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  2. I will be moving with a newborn later this summer! I especially like the tip about hiring someone to clean your house! I also like the tip about putting the baby in a bucket (from Nicole's blog). ;)

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