Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top 10 Lies You Tell Yourself When Moving

After "moving in" and packing up our entire house I can tell you that there are a LOT of things I will do differently for the next move, so today I have made a list of the:

Top 10 Lies You Tell Yourself When Moving
{source} This is simply a fact
1- "We don't need THAT many boxes"- FALSE! You will need way more boxes then you  think, it is better to have too many then not enough. Call the liquor stores, because their boxes are the perfect size, not too big and not too small, just make sure someone from church doesn't drive through the parking lot and see you loading up 20+ boxes of booze in your van...awkward.

2- "I don't need to mark the outside of the box with what's inside, I will open it and remember"- Not true, I am still looking for important things IE-statements for bills that need to be paid yesterday soon. I open box after box, with no clue of the contents or why I even packed half of it, and still no important papers found.

3- "I won't need that much silverware"- You could really fill in the blank with anything. If you have been living with someone IE-family or friends and your everyday household items have been in storage, don't get rid of them. Keep them until you unpack in the new house, then if you truly have 50 forks you can donate some. This is important so you are not left with just 1 lonely fork, not that it happened to me, I'm just sayin'.

4-"I will just buy another one"- You don't want to buy EVERYTHING especially when you just dropped off a perfectly good one at the Goodwill. My hubby and I were packing up and we had a nice wooden silverware tray, but aliens took over our minds and we gave it away. Do you know how much one of those things cost at Target? Um...way too much and speaking of Target, their stockholders now know me by name. I have spent WAY too much money there buying things that I could probably just go and pick back up from the Goodwill donation trailer. 

5-"If I just stick it in here I will find it later"- You won't find it, if it is something you need to find right away later, put it in a laundry basket for moving, or an untaped box. I had to buy $5 cream for my daughter because the tube I had just bought (literally a week before) is lost in boxtopia, and probably won't be unpacked for another month. It is not worth the hassle, keep it accessible folks easy breezy. 

6-"We don't have that much stuff"- Every single time I move I find things that have been missing for months, odds and ends in the couch cushions and under dressers, and I end up with 10 "extra" junk boxes. You DO have that much stuff and it will take a while to pack it up properly.

7- "I don't need help"- HA! This is the biggest crock of you know what. When it comes to moving the more the merrier, if 20 people show up it will take that much less time. I spent 4 nights carting boxes and furniture up 20 stairs with just myself, my hubby, 2 friends and my mom, it is just not worth it, and 2 of those mentioned have injuries which hinder them from lifting anything over about 10 pounds. Get the help, trust me!

8- "It should only take a couple days to unpack"- I wish, it takes more like a couple weeks/months to be fully moved in and unpacked. I am still trying to find the perfect place for everything and simply FIND everything.

9-"I am just going to pack these dirty clothes, I will wash them as soon as we move"- I still have 3 garbage bags of dirty clothes in the closet, I really regret not washing them before we packed up. Especially with my extreme hatred of laundry, they may not get washed until next winter. 

10- "We don't need a truck, let's just put the seats down in the van"- Hahahahaha, did it work? Technically yes it did, but 15 trips later and at least 2 more to make I am wishing we would have just gotten the truck, and the worst part of it is my friend offered to get it for us. Remember that help thing, yeah should have accepted. 

For now I am off to unpack boxes, because unfortunately the world didn't stop because we had to move, I am really not sure why because it would have made things a LOT easier! 

If you don't hear from me, it is because I have entered the boxing ring with these boxes, I need to KO this unpacking and get back to real life. 

I wish I could enter my January giveaway for a $40 Target gift card, that would buy at least 4 silverware trays. Since I can't enter, you should!  


  1. When I was a military spouse I used to say I had a black belt in moving. However then I realized I actially had a black belt in supervising movers. BIG difference! Now, oy. I hate the thought of leaving our current apartment simply because of having to pack up again. Books are the worst, and we have a lot of books!

  2. Moving sucks. Period. I feel for ya! :)

  3. moving is the bane of my existance.

  4. This really made me laugh, because my husband and I just moved... again. We move a lot, so we've learned plenty of these lessons the hard way. I used to get rid of things then buy them again, but you're right... those silverware trays are pricey! Now we have two, and I'm never getting rid of them til they fall apart. :)

    I hope you get all unpacked and settled soon.

  5. ha ha ha! OH YES! We've moved 3 times since we've been married and I had these same thoughts everytime! You'd think I'd have learned by the third time but nope! It's worse if there's a time lag between packing and unpacking. The second time we moved we packed up our stuff, moved out and then had it in storage for a month until we got possession of our new place. That was the worst :( I hope to never move again!

  6. I really hate moving, it is just a pain, you nailed it on the head with these! I haven't moved in a while and I think if we move again we will be pretty annoyed with all the excess stuff we have accumulated over the past few years.

  7. Ugh all these things are so true. I hate moving. We contemplated moving a while back and because of most of these things you listed, we decided not to.

  8. Oh my gosh we just moved in November and I can totally relate! I just got the garage organized. But we seriously have SO many weird/random things in boxes. I seriously went out and bought rubbermaid totes and just boxed stuff up and put it in those so it would stack nice.

  9. This is all very true! I hate packing and moving! Hopefully when we get our next house we can afford professional movers.
    I don't mind the unpacking because I am an organized crazy person but still ... Ugh!


  10. Every single one of these are so true! I remember thinking so many of those things the last time we moved. We moved from the tiniest house so we thought we hardly had any stuff at all. We were so wrong!

  11. I agree with each and every statement here! Good luck with your moving process!

  12. Moving is in my very near future and I am looking into hiring movers. It is still going to suck, but I feel like hiring the help will be totally worth it!

  13. Oh my freakin' goodness that was hilarious! "I have enough boxes" and "we don't need a truck, lets just put the seats down in the van" were my fav! lol. As I'm opening up all my boxes from moving this month I am also finding things I have no clue as to why I packked it. lol. Oh and that whole "I'll just buy one" doesn't work so well when it's large pieces of furniture that you need to buy. Like, dressers for clothes. =)


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