Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's Eating You?

The premise is simple. We all have pet peeves and we tend to like to talk about them, a lot. This is your place to do that. We like to keep our blogs friendly and nice and happy, at least most of us do. But sometimes, you just need to let your hair down and gripe for a bit!

For now, this link up will be every Monday and each week will be a different topic (listed above). If you have a topic idea, email it to me! This link up will keep on going until it's become something we all gripe about!

Today's Topic: Social Media and Blogging

So what are the rules?
1. Use this pretty button in your post. 
Why? Because I made it and it's the polite thing to do.

2. Follow Me and your Co-Host!
This week it's Myranda @ Pretty Living PDX. Next week it will be someone different. 
Want to cohost? Email me!
3. Keep it clean people.
NO NAMECALLING!!! If I see it, I will remove it and you will get a nice email from me telling you that you should probably edit your post before someone gets their feelings hurt. 
4. Go check out other posts and see what you have in common with people!
5. Tweet about it, share it on facebook, sing it from the rooftops!


So now that the rules have been cleared up, what's eating me? Social media and blogging...I have a few pet peeves

1- Constantly changing your Facebook relationship status from "single" to "it's complicated" to "in a relationship" then back and forth, seriously if your relationship is that tumultuous you may want to consider other options. 
2- Starting a fight on someone else's status, seriously what is this? If you want to have words with someone, take it to your own wall this is annoying. 
3- Airing  your dirty laundry- some things need to never be shared, please keep it to yourself.
4- In regards to blogging there are many things, like a LOT but one big one, never go onto someones blog and leave rude/racist/derogatory comments, it is really uncalled for!
That is about all I can come up with now, so what's eating you about social media and blogging? I know you have something you are dying to share, so write a post, post the button and link up.


  1. Yay! I'm not guilty of any of these things. Haha.

    I hate people who mean comment. Don't like it. Don't read it. Have a beef - send an email.

  2. "2- Starting a fight on someone else's status, seriously what is this? If you want to have words with someone, take it to your own wall this is annoying. " Last week, my husbands ex commented on a picture of mine (I used to work with her a long time ago so we are FB friends...well, were FB friends), called him an irresponsible father and then got into a fight with his 15 year old daughter. Kind of a long story, but it totally irritated me. So annoying.

  3. I love my sister to death but if she updates her profile picture one more time I am going to kick her butt!
    Seriously, she changes it at least two to three times a week!




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