Monday, February 4, 2013

Vox Box Time

 How are you doing? I am doing ok, not good, not really bad but simply ok. Today is my uncle's funeral, and I have to speak *yikes* I am supposed to read the eulogy and I am really nervous about speaking in front of people especially when there is a 99.99999% chance there will be tears involved, let's just say I ugly cry, in reality who is a pretty crier?

Back to the fun times, this Vox Box business, if you don't know I am about to tell you, it is from Influenster and it is the most sought after thing in blog land. I was all sad because I kept seeing all these awesome Instagram shots of people's boxes and now I have one of my very own. If you are listening Influenster I wouldn't mine trying out those beautiful looking Palmolive dish soaps, remember I have no dishwasher.

This box contained some awesome stuff like the
Montagne Jennesse  Face Masque
I waited for this one until the ladies were in bed, and the hubby was out with a friend = me time. I washed my face and put it on, clearly I am not a natural at this whole pampering thing. I liked the way it smelled, it had almost like a menthol smell, but it was fresh to me. It started drying really quick, like my cheeks were drying and getting tight before I even finished my forehead.That was a downside but not a deal breaker. I left it on for 15 minutes and washed it off and man oh man did my face feel soft and it didn't look dull which was nice.

I also received the NYC Liquid Lipshine in the color Nude York City, and I thought it was okay. I really dislike lip gloss because of how sticky it is, and this one didn't prove me completely wrong. It wasn't extremely sticky so I did like it and I liked how the color looked on me. Sorry no lip pictures, I just wasn't feelin' it.

The Kiss Nail Dress had me the most excited, they looked awesome in the package. I loved that it came with a cute little nail file and mine was called "Babydoll" if you are looking to buy it, which I think you should. I LOVE the look of painted nails, but not the time! Well this did take some time about 30 minutes for both times, but it wasn't wet, sticky, stinky nail polish so that helped. The one downfall is that they don't work too well with shorter nails, because there is nowhere to fold them over.

The Goody QuikStyle Brush was awesome! My hair is naturally super curly and I am trying to wear it down more often. BUT in order for my hair not to frizz out it needs to be wet when I put in stylers, but it is winter so I can't go out in the cold with a soaking wet head. This brush has microfiber bristles that absorb water as you brush, so it drys hair more quickly. I LOVE it, seriously if you need a brush check this one out. 

The box also contained these awesome items

They were both super yummy. The oatmeal was eaten in less then 5 minutes, because my baby girl was grubbin' on this. Needless to say we LOVED it!

I also received an awesome promo code for Sole Society, but with everything going on with my uncle I couldn't get any shoes, but I saw they have a 20% off promo on their site and I am purchasing these 2 pairs

Because these are some beautiful shoes.

Question of the Day: Did you see that Destiny's Child reunion at the Super Bowl? I will be recapping that for sure tomorrow


  1. I love influenster. I was lucky enough to get the vbox as well. Lots of goodies for sure! And I did get to see Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl. They were HOTT. Definitely looking forward to a comeback!

    Great post!


  2. Good luck at the funeral today! Lots of *hugs* for you!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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