Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Worded Wednesday- Link Up

The day is finally here, it is time for the Worded Wednesday Link-up!
worded wednesday
Grab a button and link-up!!
I don't like going to blogs and seeing a post titled "Wordless Wednesday" then clicking on it to find...words. So I started "Worded Wednesday". Each Wednesday I am going to post a few pictures and a few words about each picture, simple as pie right? The link-up will be open for 6 days so plenty of time to link up. 
The rules are simple: 
*Follow your hosts and co-hosts on GFC
Pretty Living PDX//Planned in Pencil//Top This By Leanne
*Hop around and leave comments on other posts
*Your post needs to be mostly pictures and only a few words
*Please include "Worded Wednesday" in the title
I am currently looking for co-hosts for future link-ups so if you are interested e-mail me mrsbarnes85{at}gmail{dot}com
This is the first week of this link up, so please tweet and help spread the word. 
Smaller link-ups are awesome because more people will see your post and that means more traffic for you, but please help spread the word! Don't forget to link up tomorrow for my Valentines link up and also my iPad mini giveaway will be live at 5 AM on the blog, so come back and enter!
Why do kids do the cheesiest smiles when it comes to picture time? This Worded Wednesday has to be titled "Say Cheese!" Because these are the faces they do, whenever I want to take a picture.

They are such little cheeseballs!

Question of the Day: Are you coming back for the iPad mini giveaway?



  1. that little gal is too presh :)

  2. those cheesy smiles are super cute. i try to smile like that sometimes but it looks more like i'm trying to eat someone. :)


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