Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monthly Measures


Let's see for March my fitness involved doing 30 Day Shred 1 time, yep it's sad really. You know what's even sadder? Going to try on clothes and the size that fit 2 months ago won't even go on. I guess that is what a death in the family will do to you, so from now on I WILL do better. I WILL work out and I WILL do something every single day until I reach my goals. 

Question of the Day: How has your fitness been going? Or not going?

No real rules...
Link-up any recent post related to health / fitness (including healthy recipes).
Use the hashtag #MonthlyMeasures if tweeting.
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 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's. I Corinthians 6:19-20, KJV 

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Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter! I hope you are having an amazing day with family.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Daddy's Girls {Review}

I hate to admit this, but all my girls are most definitely Daddy's girls, all 3 of them.

In fact my 5 year old drew this picture last night

Yep she X'd me out... I mean clearly they adore their daddy, which I don't mind at all. 

When I saw this print from Livy Love Designs I knew it was the one I wanted. 

I LOVE these prints! Seriously they are awesome, and there are about 45 other prints I want to order including these ones.

Make sure you check out her shop right now because she is having a sale!
2- 5 x 7's for $20
2- 8 x 10's for $30
2- 11 x 14's for $40
It's the perfect time to stock up and do some decorating!

Question of the Day: Are your kids daddy's or mommy's? 


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three Things Thursday is Here {Link-Up}

Welcome to Three Things Thursday!!
three things Thursday

I am so excited for this link up with the lovely Kristyn at Carolina Fireflies! If you remember from last week, each week there will be three things you tell everyone about yourselves, so for this week the 3 things are

**3 Things People Would Be Surprised to Know About You**

The rules are simple
*Follow Your Co-hosts on GFC
*Link up your 3 things post (other posts will be deleted)
*Hop around and make some new friends
*If you could grab a button and post it, that would be awesome too :)
3 things people would be surprised to know about me are...

1) I don't alcohol for me
2) I got married at 19
3) I really don't like the idea of having a pet. I think they are adorable and other people can have them, but as for me no thank you.

So there you have it folks, were you surprised?

Next weeks 3 things are
3 Things you should NEVER do on a first date

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Super Short Post Time

Hey there lovelies!
So I am panicking rig now, seriously full-scale panic attack.
I have my sisters baby shower next week, and we are going to San Diego in April.
The problem is I need to completely clean my house before SD and I have almost nothing together for the baby shower
That was me screaming.
So if you know of any awesome ideas for a baby girl shower with a cute owl theme let me know also if you have any information about air travel with 3 kids in carseats also let me know.

Question of the Day: how long can you store cake pops/how do you store them?
Thanks lovelies!
Also don't forget to come link up with me on Thursday-

As of now I can't post until I get a head start on everything, so I will see you on Thursday :)

Also go enter this super sweet giveaway over on Angies blog
Etsy, Paypal, Amazon and Target my personal dream giveaway!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday {Giveaway}

Today I am super duper excited to be announcing the start of a new link-up! I am doing this link-up with the lovely Kristyn at Carolina Fireflies and it is called...
Three Things Thursday
Each week we will post a prompt about 3 things, you write your answers, come link up, meet new friends. It should be awesome! Sometimes the things will be funny, some serious, some interesting and mostly just plain awesome! This will start on the 28th (next Thursday) and the topic is:
**3 Things People Would Be Surprised to Know About You**
So grab a button, write a post and come back next Thursday to link up. 
three things thursday
All month long the lovely Frances from A Spot of Tea has been hanging out at the bottom of every post, and now it's time for me to introduce her. In order to not be boring I asked her 3 things about her that people would be surprised to know (we are getting a head start on the link-up next week) and her answers were...
1~ She was born in England and moved to the United States when she was 8.
2~ She is a complete organization and cleaning freak.
3~ She is currently working on her Master's degree to become a teacher and she graduates in May! Woop woop!
Today Frances has a giveaway for everyone, thank you Frances! Be sure to come back next week to link-up and scoot on down and enter this sweet giveaway :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Way Back Wednesday- Worded Wednesday

For today's Worded Wednesday post I decided to take it back in the day. I made a collage of each of my 3 little ladies, all the pictures are of them when they are under a year old. Oh how I miss those squishy faces. Come back tomorrow for the announcement of a fun new link-up, a giveaway, and if you want to help me give away a BIG Target gift card fill out this form here. .

worded wednesday

Question of the Day: What do you miss most from when your kids were little?

Monday, March 18, 2013

So You Wanna Have a Giveaway- Let's Set It Up {Tutorial}

So you wanna have a giveaway? Well the #1 tool in my opinion would be Rafflecopter. I remember going to Rafflecopter when I set up my first giveaway and I was confused to say the today I have a tutorial to help you with the ins and outs of Rafflecopter, and to help your readers entering have an easier time. 

 Go to
Rafflecopter Opening Page

Click on "Plan One Now" and this box will pop up

First things first click "Add a Prize" and enter whatever super awesome thing is being given away and click the green "Save this Awesome Prize" button. 

The "Invent your own option" entry is the most difficult to formulate so I am going to break it down. This is most likely where you will enter links for GFC follows, Bloglovin', signing up for newsletters and RSS feeds. So for starters click on the green button that says "Add an Option" 

After the above box pops up, click on the "Invent Your Own Option" and this box will pop up

1) Type what this entry is, I am doing follow me so I put "Follow Pretty Living PDX" there

2)In this box I would add a description of how I wanted them to follow my blog, so I am using GFC.

3) Ask for some form of verification, so if it is GFC I ask for their name. If you are checking newsletter subscriptions ask for their e-mail address. I ask for verification, because honestly how sucky would it be if someone won who had done none of the entries. You need to verify those bad boys!

4) Choose a point value, in the iPad mini giveaway so many ladies donated that I made them all worth 1, but if it is just a sponsor's giveaway I like to up the point value, it's your call. 

5) You have to choose if you want this entry to be mandatory (they must complete before moving on) and how often they can do it. If it is blogging about the giveaway or posting to Instagram I chose once per day, but with follows (such as GFC) do not click this box. Jennifer wrote a really good post about the legality of requiring people to follow your blog for giveaways, so make sure to check it out before you make your decision. 

Now for the tricky part, inserting the links. Have you ever seen this message when trying to enter a giveaway? 

Yes, and it is super annoying. Well here's how you can avoid it

When you are in the "Invent Your Own Option" step, highlight the word where you want to insert the link, similar to how you would do in a blog post.
Then click the little globe, where the arrow is. 
After doing so, this box will pop up

You want to insert your link where it says "Your-URL-Here", but you want to keep the "http"

In the above picture the http is missing, so this will lead to the error message. If you do it like the picture below however, it will work beautifully!

The next issue I come across with Rafflecopter is the tweet about the giveaway option. So to do this correctly, click on the "Add an Option" button and then click "Tweet about the Giveaway"
You should then see this box pop up

Now you want to enter in the text for the tweet that people will see. You see that arrow down there? The message needs to be 120 characters or less, because Rafflecopter will automatically add a 20 character link. Do you see the arrow? Make sure that number is at 20 or above after you add your text, this way the tweet won't be over characters when your entrants do this entry. You must also decide how many points this entry is worth, how often they can do it and if it is mandatory.

This post is getting a little long, so I will briefly go over the Facebook and Twitter entries quickly, because they are the simplest.

Once again you want to click on the green "Add An Option" button, then choose either Twitter or Facebook.

After you click "Like a Page on Facebook" this box will pop up

This part is pretty self-explanatory, but just make sure you have the full Facebook URL, then fill in the page name at the top, determine point value and if you want it to be mandatory.

After you click "Follow an Account on Twitter" this box will pop up
They already autofill the "@" so you just need to add the Twitter handle, determine point value and once again if the entry is mandatory. Make sure you have the "@" symbol, or this entry will not work.

So there you have it folks, the basis for setting up an awesome Rafflecopter giveaway. Always remember to hit the green button to save everything, and don't forget to check out Jennifer's post about  the legal issues.

If you have any questions, or need any help please e-mail me or leave a comment, I would be happy to help as best as I can. I know there are possible giveaway entries that I have left out, so if you want help e-mail me at prettylivingpdx {at} gmail {dot} com.

As usual, if you reference this tutorial please link back to my site and if you like it pin-it! I have installed a hover pin-it button, so when you hover over the photos you can click and pin.

Question of the Day: Do you have any awesome giveaways going on?

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

In The Pretty Kitchen- Street Tacos

I LOVE Mexican food, seriously it is the one thing that I could never give up and I could also eat it daily for the rest of my life, especially street tacos. Since I cannot eat them everyday I make sure that when I make them, they are dang good.

Today's recipe is for street tacos, they are super yummy and super easy to make. 

Carne Asada Street Tacos

Street Tacos
Servings: 8 

-Corn Tortillas
-1 lb thinly sliced beef-- 
-Juice from 1 Lime
-Garlic powder
-Kosher salt

-1/2 cup chopped Cilantro 
-1 Onion diced up
-Lime Wedges
-Pico de gallo

1- Place meat in a prep bowl, and squeeze lime juice onto meat and toss
2- Sprinkle garlic powder, salt and pepper on meat, making sure it is evenly coated
3- Cook meat in a skillet or a grill pan
4- While chicken is cooking; mix diced onion and cilantro for the topping and set aside
5- To heat tortillas, place 4 tortillas in between 2 wet paper towels and microwave for 1 minute. Repeat until all tortillas are warm. 
6- To create tacos, place 2 tortillas on a plate, add some meat, a few spoonfuls of the cilantro and onion mixture, dress with lime juice, a sprinkle of salt and enjoy!

Street Tacos 2

I like to serve these up with pinto beans and tortilla chips, or even rice for an awesome dinner. 

Notes- This recipe can serve more or less, it really depends on how big you make the tacos. Any meat can be used, I just really love beef. The lime juice and salt are flavor enhancers, but you only need a teeny sprinkle of salt, or it will overpower the taco.

I installed a Pinterest hover button so now it is super easy to pin these posts :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Worded Wednesday- Sleepover and a Survey

A few months ago my in-laws went out of town and we spent the night at their house. It was a fun night, we ate, watched movies and had a grand time. My girls have been asking for another sleepover everyday since then...I think they liked it.

If you could help me out with these two short surveys I would really appreciate it, happy hump day!
Question of the Day: Are you happy this week is half over?

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Doing Dishes With A 3 Year Old Requires Patience

My little lulu belle is 3 and let me tell you she is head strong, I mean seriously she only does what she wants. Being her momma requires truck loads of patience, and sometimes it gets very hard, but today I remembered 1 key thing and it has been a good day

The key word there is without getting angry, which requires a lot of help and quite frankly prayer. 
My little one likes to hit me and throw things when she doesn't get her way, oh yes she threw the remote just a few days ago, and as you can imagine I would want to yell and scream, but I didn't. Instead I hugged her, it seems counterproductive, but it worked. She cried but she also calmed down.I didn't give her what she wanted, but I let her know I loved her. I explained that I knew she was upset but my decision about the candy wouldn't change. 

*Have patience- Remember they are smaller then you, they will tire more easily, move slower and understand less. My girls are smart (not bragging) and sometimes when my 5 year old tells me about where her esophagus is I forget she is not 16. But if I have patience I can more easily remember her needs.I was doing dishes with Lulu and she was splashing the water out of the sink, taking a good 3 minutes to rinse the dishes, mixing clean and dirty dishes and rewashing things, so it took me about 4 times as long. But it was better then her watching a movie while I did them myself, and when she looked at me and said, "this wouldn't be any fun without you" my heart melted.

*Don't yell, unless there is an emergency- Seriously this one is hard, I yell all the time and mostly just so I don't have to walk into the other room, but I have noticed a difference since I have been working on this one.

*Talk to your kids- Don't treat them like babies, talk to them and explain things. Funny story- We recently got a new toilet, it is the kind with the dual-flush button on top. My Leila would always leave the bathroom without flushing the toilet, so when I was helping her one time I said "you need to flush" and she got a surprised look on her face and said "look momma, it's missing" as she pointed to where a toilet handle would be. I realized that we had installed the toilet and never explained to her how to use it, I was getting annoyed about her lack of flushing skills and she didn't even know how. 

*Give them choices- I let my girls choose between outfits, foods,activities, even consequences so they feel they have some control. I choose the options but they make the final decision. 

*Let them know they are LOVED- Tell them all the time, tell them so much they get sick of hearing it. Tell them especially when they frustrate or upset you, so if not to remind them at least to remind yourself. 

*Listen to them- Take your face out of the screen and talk to your little ones. When they talk to you look them in the eye and listen. Take a moment, stop what you are doing, and give them your attention. 

*Be consistent- By far the hardest of the bunch (for me at least). Kids crave consistency, seriously they look to you to make decisions, if you are consistent with your parenting, they will grow up knowing what you are going to do, say or how you will react. It will help guide them.I have a few tips that I have picked up along the parenting journey, I am in no ways an expert, and I don't know your situation but these work for me.

Once again I am no parenting expert, but I hope these tips can help you have a little more peace with your kiddos, I know writing it helped remind me.

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