Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's OK to have crushes...

It's Ok throw away 12 fun size Skittle packs so they just aren't around

(this would be her face if she found out)

...that I won a $250 Visa Gift Card (miracles do happen folks)

...that I would totally be okay with spending the first $5 of said gift card on Cool Ranch Dorito Tacos

...that I LOVE to extreme coupon!

...that I cannot wait for the weekend put your kids to bed an hour early

...that my girls missed naptime (these last 2 happened in the same day)

...that I have crushes on these lovely ladies
Kelsey at Stories of Kel
Tarole at One Haole Girl
Frances at Spot of Tea
Lisette at Northern Belle Diaries
Kate at Some Eloquent Graffiti
Erin at Living in Yellow 
and last but FAR from least
Raven at Don't Quote the Raven
 Seriously though, go check them out because they all rock!!!

I am linking up with Erin and Amber today


  1. I love the "it's okay Thursday" idea. Too much fun. Thanks. :)

    Hope you can stop by and check out my post on being body positive.

  2. Hahaha that picture of your daughter is amazing!

  3. Congratulations on the win! Go enjoy those Doritos tacos!

  4. um, that little baby up top? Can you say PRECIOUS????? If you ever need a babysitter ;)

  5. Love the picture of your daughter!! WOW congrats, go get them Doritos!


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