Monday, April 15, 2013

Best Trip Ever~ San Diego

We went to San Diego a couple weeks ago and I miss it so much already...I really want to move there someday, like really bad! We flew down with my mom to see my sister at USD and to drive my mom's van back. Yes we drove back from San Diego, I have no pictures of this because I do NOT want to remember it, but here is what happened bullet style
  • We were stuck in LA traffic for 5 hours
  • It took us 12 hours and 3 stops to get from San Diego to Sacramento (should have been about 6 hours)
  • My husband woke up extremely ill on the day we were leaving, so we only had 2 drivers instead of 3.
  • We left San Diego on Sunday at 12 PM and arrived home Monday (technically Tuesday) at 12 AM
Do you get why I didn't photograph anything?

This was the first plane ride for the 2 youngest ones and they loved it. The girls were yelling like they were on  a theme park ride "We're going up! We're going up!" and then when we got up and were leveling out they started yelling "We're going down! We're going down!" Probably not the best thing to yell on planes girls! Especially since the lady in the aisle across from them was extremely claustrophobic. 

We went to the beach, went to the beach, went to Hotel Coronado, saw my sister, went to the beach, met my hubby's aunt and cousins for the first time and saw old friends. Literally everything we did was free, yet it was the funnest vacation I have ever been on! Seriously the sun, sand and ocean water does something to your mood, I was so happy the entire trip! Not that I am normally gloomy, but you know what I mean!

This little one hit the sand, and wouldn't touch the water. She put a toe in felt how cold it was and ran back to dig in the sand, every time we went to the beach this was her pattern. 

My 3 beach cuties!

This girlie was the complete opposite, she was running to the water the second we hit the beach. She was going so far out and had no fear.

Like staring at this wouldn't make you happy?

As I was editing pictures I saw this one and holy guns batman! My girl has some muscles! 

Funny story about the above picture...We were trying to find parking at Target and I saw this sign in front of the spot where my husband parked, I told him "You can't park here! It's for tow away customers only"
I really said that, it didn't even register for about 5 minutes him and my mom were laughing so hard and he wasn't moving the car. I really thought "Tow Away" was the name of the business by Target...I have had finer moments.

Question of the Day: What is the best vacation you have ever taken?

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  1. my dad lives on Coronado island. We love it!! Wish I could be there all the time though :(. Looks like you had a fab trip even with the complications.

    1. Lucky! The houses there are awesome. We did have a great trip despite all the problems :)
      Thanks for reading

  2. So funny about the sign...I would have done the same thing! I want to go to San Diego so bad! My husband was stationed there when he was in the Navy and he loved it! He always talks about going back to visit, but we haven't had an opportunity to make it there yet. Someday...

    1. Hopefully you can get there soon :)
      It's really awesome there and clearly I love it! My father-in-law was stationed there while in the Navy too, in fact my hubby was born there :) thanks for stopping by

  3. ohhh, this makes me so excited for the mini vaca i have planned to SD memorial day weekend!!! even with the drive it looks like your trip was great :)

    1. Be VERY excited! It's awesome there :)

  4. Oh we loved san diego! So beautiful! Glad you all enjoyed your time away:)

    1. We really did Mariel, and I am sure you can see why :)


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