Friday, April 26, 2013

Handmade Goodies For Yo' Mama! {Giveaway}

So I love my mom, like a LOT! Every year for Mother's Day I am stumped as to what I should get for her. My mom has loved EVERY single gift I have gotten her, she even loved when my sister and I filled an old popcorn tin with McDonalds toys and action figures and gave it to her for her birthday. This year I am trying to push past the usual dinner and work flower delivery for Mother's Day, I want to get her something special, so what better gift idea then something personal? Today I am introducing two shops to you all and I personally think  you will love them, I know I do! There is also a giveaway at the bottom of the post so stay tuned, trust me you want to hang around for this one. 

Hey there! My name is kendra and i blog over at kendra kay.

i don't really blog about anything specific but usually just whatever is happening or going on in my life. This may mean that on any given day you can be exposed to anything over in my lil corner. Occasionally there may be a gif of me shoving a straw up my nose (sorry 'bout that) or pictures of my littles. sometimes there will be fashion posts, and often a few recipes sprinkled in that are awesome and definitely worth trying. So basically i won't be filling you in with updates on my iditarod training but we will have fun. Honestly, what's the point of doing anything if you aren't having fun?! making sense over here huh? Come on over and hang out and have a lil' fun with me from time to time! I'll be waitin' for ya!

In the meantime i want to share the best lil' business this side of the universe!
Okay, okay, i may be a little bias because this is my biggest littles new business Design Candii. She is 17 and in her senior year of high school and has started her own company making custom studded i-Phone 4 and 5 cases. She is happy to be sharing and giving away one of her really fun custom cases to one lucky winner!
these are just a few of my personal faves:

what I love is you can actually choose your color case:

then choose your stud shape and finish and then she will make it right up and ship it to your front door! I'm so proud of her for doing her own thing and working so hard. She really has a love for design and i'm so happy to get to share it all with you! head on over and check her out!!
Thanks so much Myranda for sharing your space with me today!!

Kendra is giving away a "LOVE" stud case. The winner chooses their case and stud color, personalized i-Phone (4 or 5) case = awesome!!

The next business I am sharing is another great one, take it away Emily: 

Get this free with purchase!!
Not long after marrying in 2012, Moise and Emily began to develop business ideas that would encompass their love of all things creative.  Hence Emerald City - Custom Jewelry by Emily & Moise was born.  
We are a fully personalized handmade jewelry service where you become the designer.  Using the finest gemstones, Czech & vintage glass beads, and Swarovski crystals, we bring your vision to life.  Do you like birthstone jewelry?  Custom jewelry?  Choosing your own design and color combos?  Then let Emerald City make your dream jewelry a reality.

We create an open dialogue as we design your handmade jewelry piece to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.  You approve your design before anything is shipped to you.  We also have a large selection of already made gemstone jewelry available for purchase on our website.  We offer low shipping costs and complimentary gift wrap.
Special April promotion! For the entire month of April, buy any two pieces of Emerald City jewelry (custom or pre-made) and receive a gorgeous initial pendant necklace for free.  Choose either a silver or gold initial charm (choose any letter you want) then choose either a silver chain, gold chain, or black cord necklace.  This offer is only good for the month of April.  All 3 pieces must be mailed to same address. It's like getting an extra piece of personalized jewelry for free.

Thank you from Emerald City Custom Jewelry!  We look forward to working with you.

Emily is giving away a pair of gemstone earrings. I really want to have them design a custom piece for my mom, it is really hard to find pre-made things with her name or her kids names on them because we spell them differently. She would really love a gift from Emerald City and I think your mom would too, you know because I know her personally ;)

Get to entering! 


  1. my mom would like earrings.

    1. Mine would too, hopefully you entered!

  2. Love those phone covers!! Too cute!! Following with BlogLovin!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks for following Tami! I hope you entered and you also have a fab weekend!

  3. a custom iphone case! she has been asking for a new one!

    steph couponsx

  4. My mom would LOVE the earrings! :) Love the blog! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend

  5. my mom would probably dig the earrings; i think the iphone case is a little too cool for her ;)

    1. Hahaha, no case for her? That's funny! Good luck on winning the earrings for her, or yourself :)

  6. The phone covers look awesome!

  7. Love the phone cases and my mom would love the earrings. Super cute!

  8. The earrings for me and the case for my mom


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