Monday, April 1, 2013

We Have A Winner...Now What {Rafflecopter Tutorial #2}

So you just ended you first super sweet giveaway and you want to pick the winner, so now what? This tutorial will help you choose a winner and verify the winner's entries so you can make sure they were actually done. Trust me people lie about their entries all the time, so you want to make sure an honest person is rewarded with the prize. For the purpose of this tutorial I am using a fake giveaway.Please go to the next post for the Monthly Measures link-up. 

When you log into Rafflecopter you will see your giveaways listed

When you hover over the giveaway that needs a winner, this "Pick A Winner" box will pop up, click on that box.

Once you get to the next page, click on the green "Add A Winner" button

What happens next is generates a wining entry and a box pops up with all of their information. 
The top line has their entry number, and what that entry was. In this case it picked the entry when they tweeted about the giveaway. 

Now that you have the winner, you will want to check out all their entries. Especially if there was a different entry then the one that was chosen. Scroll down a bit and click on the button that says "Show Me The Entries"

Now a spreadsheet will pop up and it will have a lot of information, the explanation of the numbers is below.

1.These numbers represent their entries. For this giveaway each option was worth 5 points so that is why they say 1-5, 6-10, etc. 

2. This is a very important tool, after the winner's name shows up above, paste it into this field and hit enter. This brings up all that winner's entries, so this way all you see is that one person's. Now you don't have to search through for all their entries. 

3.This number shows how many entries there are and how many pages of entries. If you have a large giveaway don't forget this tool. I have thought that people didn't do entries, when come to find out they were on the next page. 

4. This red button allows you to remove entries if someone has cheated. It is your choice to use this button, some people delete all entries if a person did not do a mandatory entry, but just make sure you list this in the terms and conditions if you are doing that. 

Now, how do you verify the entries?
Tweet about the giveaway
All you need to do is highlight the URL in the "Extra Info" column of the spreadsheet and go to that URL on your internet browser, their tweet will pop right up, boom done! With 1 entry...

Follow on Twitter
To check if they follow you on Twitter
Log into your Twitter account
Go up to the search bar and input their twitter handle and hit enter (This will show up in the "Extra Info" column as well).

Now click on their name (where the black arrow is)

Their Twitter Profile Summary should show up and it will say "Follows You" after their Twitter handle, if it doesn't say that, sadly they don't. 

Follow on GFC
This next one is a doozy, seriously if you have more then 100 followers it can take a bit.
Go to your blog home page and click on the little boxes icon to the right of the blue "Join This Site" Button. 

This box will pop up and you want to click "more" then "next" until you see the name they follow with. Their name should be in the "Extra Info" box on the spreadsheet. Don't assume they use their name, sometimes they use a username or their blog name, so make sure you refer to the "Extra Info" box on the spreadsheet. If they don't put their name in, then sadly you can't know for sure if they follow you, unless you really do some research.  

Question of the Day: Have any good giveaways to enter? Have you won a giveaway lately? 

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  1. Great tutorial, but I love even more that Grumpy Cat is on your twitter feed :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love Grumpy Cat lol

  2. THANK you for doing a post on this! I haven't done a giveaway for my blog, and I've always wondered how Rafflecopter worked! I enter a lot of giveaways, and I think I'm pretty lucky. I've won a $125 and a $100 Target GC this year. Plus about $55 more in Target, $15 in Amazon, and about $60 in Starbucks. I love quilting and sewing (basically fabric), so I enter a lot of giveaways for fabric, but I don't seem to be as lucky. But when I win, I win big. I've won some jewelry lately from Etsy shops. My little blog is growing and I have participated in a few giveaways, but I didn't know how the verification worked. I really though there was a button that could look up all that info for you-to a certain degree. There's always a ton of great giveaways going on, and it seems they are getting bigger and bigger. I don't like when big-name bloggers share giveaways with "regular" bloggers, because the entries go into the 1000's almost immediately. I usually don't enter those, because they are SUPER long, I don't want to follow a bunch of blogs I don't like-the ones focused on giveaways/deals-no:content- and I feel the chance of actually winning is SUPER low. If you ever want to find giveaways, just search "giveaway" in your reader, and they will come up from the most recent. I search "fabric giveaway" every few days, otherwise I would never know about them.

    BUT, thanks again for posting about this! It's VERY useful and I bookmarked and pinned it for future use!


    1. Karrie, I tried your giveaway searching thing and it is awesome. Congratulations on winning some giveaways! That is really awesome :)

  3. This is a really good tutorial! I haven't won a giveaway lately, but I think I haven't entered many lately either!

    Fizz and Frosting

    1. Hopefully you can win some that you enter, thanks for stopping by! I really love your blog

  4. Great tutorial! I would love to have you link this up at my Give Me the Goods link party.

    PS: I am your newest follower! :)

    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly

    1. Thanks girl :) I will come check out your link up for sure

  5. Replies
    1. I am happy to help, thanks for checking it out :)

  6. thanks for the tutorial...i'm still a newbie to giveaways and am now hosting my second one and using rafflecopter to compile entries. you can find me here:

    enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Chandra, hopefully this will help when your giveaway ends :)


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