Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 Things Thursday- The People we Love to Hate {Celebrity Edition}

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Please welcome our co-host Rachel!

For 3 Things Thursday this weeks topic is...
3 of your Least Favorite Celebrities
Celebrities, the people we love to hate. I mean really even the least popular celebrities have more cheddar in the bank account then I could even dream of, so alas 3 of my least favorite celebrities are:

Nicki Minaj, seriously ugh. Her songs are awful, her hair is awful. I think she is an awkward mix of Katy Perry and Lil' Kim, no bueno. I also can't stand that she actually judges American Idol, I thought the judges were supposed to be talented.

Snoop Dogg, not so much his songs, but his personality and looks, come on with those braids and can you not always be high? 

I used to dream of a day when he may tweet me (sad I know) then he cut his hair and apparently lost his mind. Come on Justin, spitting on people, is that really needed? You are not that hot, very skinny and well you aren't JT...

three things Thursday

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  1. LOL..I totally agree with these 3, but now his name is Snoop Lion.

  2. omg i cant stand Nicki Minaj, i liked when she first came out and she was just one genre, not 50, lol.

  3. NICKI MINAJ, SNOOP DOGG, JUSTIN BIEBER?! Oh, goodness, they're horrible...

  4. Justin is on my list too! I even used the same picture! haha! I used to dream that too before he decided he wanted to look like a girl!

  5. I had Nicki on mine too!! She is a big turn off..I can not stand her!

  6. This was a fun linkup!! Yeah, I think Snoop would be way cooler if being high wasn't his shtick. And yes to the Biebs, I was never on board with that guy, lol.

  7. don't forget amanda bynes! what happened to that girl!

  8. But Anne Frank would've (hopefully) been a Belieber. Don't you want to be on her side? ;-)

    Love this list!

  9. Awesome list. I completely agree.

  10. Great idea for a link up! I'm pumped about next week's!

  11. Haha, I love this idea for a link-up, too. My blog is completely not gossipy, so I can't really participate this week. BOO. I have a list I could totally come up with.
    I'll check back next week for the new topic. Fun!

  12. you're def right- jbiebs is no jt! i swear jt gets better with age...he's like jennifer aniston in that way for sure! i used to love me some jbiebs but these days he seems so up himself :( i miss his cute hair too haha. and snoop dogg- how was he ever a thing, puhhhlease someone tell me!?

  13. LOL I agree, hate them all, and love it! I came from Olive & Ivy!

  14. This is such a great link up idea!!! Can't wait to link up!! :)


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