Monday, May 6, 2013

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

This weekend update is late, because technically it's from last weekend so super late. This past Cinco de Mayo weekend I didn't eat one bite of guacamole, isn't that sad? We just took my nephew out for the day, so the new parents could rest, cleaned out our basement and painted a bathroom. Woohoo we are party people! Last weekend was wonderful so that is what I am sharing today.

On Saturday we went to an event at the Portland Children's Museum sponsored by Target. Target is opening a City Target in downtown Portland in July 2013, which is awesome! City Target is Target for the urban customer, instead of huge bags of dog food they will carry small bags, instead of a 36 pack of TP they will carry a 6 pack, catch my drift? 

We went to the Children's Museum and planted flowers, because Target is "planting" it's roots in Portland. It was a really fun event and my girls really dug it! Ha I crack myself up! They call it the "kids museum" and they planted about 80 flowers, they had fun digging in the dirt. Target hooked me up with a pretty cool swag bag, and I have a giveaway coming soon on the blog for all the Portland locals. 

After we planted flowers we went inside to play, and play they did. 

My sister also had a beautiful baby girl. She was scheduled to be induced on May 1st, but the little one decided to come a little early, and yes you read correctly she weighed 8 pounds 14 oz!! 

Question of the Day: How was your Cinco De Mayo weekend? 

There are currently 2 giveaways on the blog with a couple easy entries, come enter! 


  1. I love community events like that! The pictures are so cute, you're kids were having a blast!! And congrats on being an Aunt :)) how exciting!!

  2. My weekend was spent taking care of a sick boy :(

  3. Looks like the girls had an absolute blast! And guacamole ~ ugh ... for the birds! LOL

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. It looks like you had a great time. The kids are beautiful.

  5. Love the photos of your daughter at the Target event! Looks like there was lots of fun to be had! And, congrats on your new neice! She's beautiful!


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