Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rod Stewart is My Jam {Review}

I LOVE 80's music, I mean LOVE it but even more I love the artists I really think the artist's of that time are musical geniuses, especially Rod Stewart. Seriously folks, "Forever Young" anyone? You know you love it! I got to review the new Rod Stewart  album Time as part of a One2One campaign.

Rod Stewart has spent four decades (hello awesome) being a rock star, three being a parent, and has a new album's worth of rollicking stories to tell. Time is his first album of new material in almost 20 years (and his hairstyle hasn't changed one bit!) Love the hair! 

I usually take a little bit to connect with new songs, but I instantly loved "Can't Stop Me Now" and the title pretty much explains it.The chorus especially is my favorite part

"They can't stop me now 
The world is waiting 
It's my turn to stand out in the crowd 
They can't stop me now 
The tide is turning 
I'm gonna make you proud"

Sometimes you just need to know that it is your turn, there are struggles but when you reach that turning point it's amazing, so thank you Mr Rod Stewart for this wonderful song.

Of course "Can't Stop Me Now" isn't the only good song on the Time album, in fact there are 12 songs in total and 11 of them Rod wrote and produced himself, which is awesome because not many mainstream artists (these days) write and produce so much of their own music, once again thank you Rod Stewart!
Rod Stewart starts his European tour on June 1st, and don't fret his US tour starts on October 17th with Steve Winwood, and I don't really care what people think because I love Rod Stewart's album Time and besides, you can't stop me! Make sure you check out the Time album preview and the full-length music video for "She Makes Me Happy" they are both awesome!

If you want to jam out to Rod Stewart with me you can buy the album on iTunes or Amazon (available 5/7/13) and you're welcome oh and if you really want to be one of the cool kids follow Mr Stewart on Twitter

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own

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  1. I LOVEEEEE the 80's! And I grew up listening to rod Stewart and if he was on tour, my mom and I would go wherever we needed to see him, ha.

  2. "Maggie May" is my fave Rod Stewart song! I love it and belt it out whenever I hear it...every time!


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