Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Slackin' on my Mackin'

I just spent yesterday waiting at the airport for over 4 hours, then being on a plane for over 5 hours, so needless to say I feel a little tired...Regularly scheduled posts will start tomorrow come link up for Three Things Thursday and tell us about 3 of your favorite movies, and there is a giveaway involved *hint hint* it's Target, so come link up with us!

This past weekend I went to see my BFF Karen graduate with her Master's degree, holla!!! Go shawty!  I am so proud of her, it makes my heart hurt she is amazing! 

That trip was a super fun whirlwind and the recaps will be coming soon, trust me you will want to read all about it! While we were there we spent about 2 hours watching You Tube videos with her friend and her sisters so today I am sharing some of my favorites, because really these are super funny!
Question of the Day: Have you seen any of these videos?

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