Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Facts of Me

There have been a lot of giveaways going on around these parts, so to all the followers that stuck around, and all my readers I just wanted to introduce the facts of Myranda

Me and my girls at the mustache b-day party

1- I hate raisins. If we are ever to be friends never offer them to me, not in cookies, cakes, breads, nothing I will not eat them and I will not be your buddy. If someone really said to me "raisins or death!!" it would be a tough choice.

2- I LOVE a good deal. I love using coupons and saving money, sometimes it sucks the life out of you, but really when you have 85 tubes of toothpaste who cares? Kidding, I only have like 17 right now calm down!

3- I love hip-hop music and I can spit some mad lyrics to prove it. I recently found the Back Dat Azz Up radio station on Pandora (from the recommendation of the ever fabulous Whitney) and it is a wonderful high school flashback. 

4- I, often, inappropriately use commas, if, you, don't like, it, I don't have much to say really. This is my space if I want to put 12.2 commas in every sentence I just may do it, but you have, been, warned. 

5- I don't have a fancy DSLR camera, but I really want one. 

6- I recently got a smart phone, after having a dumb phone for over 2 years and all I can say is...

7- I love giveaways, until 6 months ago I had no clue blog giveaways existed and now I'm like
I have won an iPad Mini, a $250 Visa gift card, a $100 Sephora gift card, ad space on 18 different blogs and tons of other things, needless to say if you enter them you will WIN! 

8- I am struggling with 10 facts..

9- I LOVE shoes, more specifically heels. I have about 12 pairs of heels and I wish I had 1200. Just take a look at my Pinterest "Shoes" Board to see all the cute shoes I have pinned, and I wish I had them all. 

10- I love to cook, seriously I am considering a culinary career.

Now tell me some facts about you, leave a comment and I will come check out your blog, if it's not already one of my faves!

Peace out girl scouts!


  1. Girl you are a couponing genius! And the queen of winning giveaways!

  2. Holy Cow you are one Lucky LAdy....love all the shoes!

  3. Whohooo you lucky girl! Reading your post, it reminds me, of myself. Hihi okay i doooo love raisins sooo pass them over to me. Lol heels and nail polish those are my almost best friends.

  4. OMG that comma one is classic and raisins absolutely suck!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. This is so fun! I hate raisins too! Fun fact is I had never heard of blog giveaways until I found your blog. Your big group giveaway back in November or so was the first one I ever won!

  6. Clearly I already follow your blog but I'm stopping by today from Olive & Ivy :)

    And I think you are pretty cool! Actually, really cool! xoxo

  7. congrats on winning all of the giveaways! im still trying to win my first! funny, i struggle to come up with 10 facts about myself too lol. love your blog, im a new follower :)


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