Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Truth About My Job {Link-Up}

This week I am co-hosting a new link up called 

This week's hot topic is...
The Truth about my Job.

So the truth about my job is 

-I am at work 24/7. I am a stay at home mom so as you all can imagine or as you know it is non-stop
-Sometimes the employees I manage can get um, how can I say this politely? Whiney, super whiney.
-My place of employment are full believers of nap-time, rest-time or mommy DVR time whichever title works for you.
-I get to work from home, every single day. Some days it's a blessing other days it's a curse
-All my employees are under the age of 6.
-I am all of the following things
*Hair Stylist
*Baby Hugger
*Diaper Changer

There are about 20 more but because it has been over 12 hours since my work day started I am leaving
some out. 
-I LOVE IT! Most days...

Seriously I do enjoy it, even though it gets old real quick on some days. I love that I can read with my daughters at the breakfast table, eat lunch on the living room floor, take park breaks at 3 PM, wear my PJ's all day (not that I ever do that), be there for my daughters, let them know I love them. 

My job has long hard hours, but it's awesome and a privilege I am fortunate to have. 

So please grab a button and link up with us because we would LOVE to hear about YOUR job! The list will be live until Friday so link up!
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Also come back tomorrow for Three Thing Thursday, this week it's about moms or any other lady you find amazing and special!

Question of the Day: What is your job? Do you like it?


  1. Amen girl ... stay at home moms deserve some serious credit because it NEVER stops. 9-5ers have it easy! LOL

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. They certainly do, I went away last weekend and my hubby almost died, although he will never admit it LOL

  2. So sweet. Being a SAHM is hard work, you are such a great mom!

    1. Thanks Kelsey, I try really hard but some days I do not succeed, effort is what matter's most :)

  3. whoever says being a stay at home mom isn't a ton of work ought to just look at that list of things that you are. it's exhausting just reading it. my mom was always so good at being a mom and wife and home maker and i hope i can be as awesome at it as she was. you seem to be doing a pretty great job yourself, too. i mean look at those smiles!

    1. You will be as awesome as she was, just remember she wasn't always a pro, so don't beat yourself up too much ;)
      Thank you so much Kate that means a lot to me


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