Friday, May 24, 2013

We Just Killed The Club {Grad Trip Recap 1}

This past weekend was cray to say the least, it was four days of nonstop fun and some really crazy stuff went down. Let's just start at the beginning
Friday morning I headed to the East coast to see my BFF graduate with her Master's degree in teaching. I headed to the airport around 7 AM and boarded my flight within the hour, my seat was the aisle seat in the very back row, needless to say I saw a lot of butts. Look for a more detailed butt post later...hint hint if you really want to laugh skip ahead to the pink section.

I arrived at the Dulles airport at 4:20 PM and Karen came and picked me up and we headed to her house, and finally we got there after enduring 45 minutes of traffic. The traffic there is worse then LA  it's awful!

We got to her house and her friend Melody was there, snoozing on the couch. She works nights and she hadn't slept yet so she was passed out for awhile. While Melody slept Karen and I just talked and relaxed it was nice for this mommy of three to not have to worry about little people for a bit.

After a trip to the mall, and we finally got ready we headed out to the "club" around 12.
Karen and Melody were talking about going out and Karen said "Should we go back to Flossy Fly?"
Um...Flossy Fly, what kind of place is this a 70's dance hall? But no they said Velocity 5, which was more of a sports bar. Now when they said sports bar I was thinking something similar to Buffalo Wild Wings, but this place was nothing like that, but it was fun and a great place to people watch.

When we first walked in this man was on the dance floor giggin' all by himself, seriously he was making love to the dance floor, and he never stopped the entire night! He didn't even dance with anyone really, except when Melody started dancing with him he was in it to win it!

Now my hubby doesn't care if I dance with other people, because that is as far as it ever goes, no harm no foul, so I was out on the floor dancing away when someone came up to me so we started dancing, it went south real fast.
We were dancing and he was asking the normal questions so here is how our conversation went.
CG = Creepy Guy and M = Me of course

CG- Where are you from?
M- I am from Oregon, way on the other side of the country
CG- How long are you here for?
M- Just the weekend (I had already said too much...)
CG- We should hook up sometime this weekend
I immediately flashed the ring, except my face wasn't quite so smiley
CG- Oregon's far away, I won't tell nobody.
Awkward silence
M- I am going to get a drink
CG-Yeah you better drink up *creepily licking his lips*
My exact thoughts were
1- Is this real life?
2- Does he have no class?
3- Do ladies really fall for this shiz? 
I tried to dodge him all night, but the dance floor was quite small and once again I was gettin' my groove on and he was there again whispering in my ear with his alcohol soaken hot breath...
CG- I love you baby
complete silence...
CG- I'll meet you in the bathroom girl
once again silence
He then proceeds to walk towards the bathroom and motion me over
WHAT??!!!! This is not really happening?!
Needless to say I did NOT meet him in the bathroom and we left shortly after that.
We then headed to Walmart grabbed some allergy meds and Krispy Kreme donuts and headed home and talked until 4 AM.

I realized 2 things that night
1- I haven't been out in a really long time
2- Some people will do/say anything for the hope of  some boo-tay!
Of course this post wouldn't be complete without some club pics

and of course since it's FRY-DAY I am linking up with Miss Whitney!

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