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Your Beauty Questions Answered

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Today I have a special treat beauty questions answered by a beauty expert, I know you will love it!
Meet Sequoia Leopold 

Sequoia is an entrepreneur, which is awesome, go ladies who are small business owners! She owns Flawless Beauty Bar which is currently open in Washington and will soon be expanding across the West Coast. 

Here is a little background about Sequoia: 

"Born on a commune in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Sequoia was raised and named by my hippie parents, so naturally she grew up to love all things having to do with artificial beauty.  She later married a republican capitalist to complete the rebellion.  Sequoia moved to Seattle after college and quickly became a member of the Seahawks Cheerleading Squad, teaching her all the fabulous tricks of looking your very best.  She finally found her true home in the beauty industry; opening Flawless Beauty Bars in 2007, specializing in sunless tanning and airbrush make-up.  Earning a reputation in the industry for high standards and beautiful work, her advise on beauty tips and trends is highly respected. Flawless Beauty Bars is her passion but it comes second to her true love, Beta (i.e. the cutest Pomeranian)!    Animals are a huge part of Sequoia’s life and her chosen philanthropy." 

Hello amazing! Seqouia has answered some of my beauty questions today and I am here to share the expert's answers

How do you cover up dark under eye circles?  “I actually prefer to brighten and highlight the inner corner of my eyes and the top of my cheek bones instead of cover the dark circles.  But, when I do use  product, I use MAC Select cover-up and add a little MAC Strobe Cream mixed in to make sure that it looks dewey and fresh.  I like to apply with a brush but using your fingers warms the product and can help it go on smooth without the cakey look.

Where should I really be putting on bronzer?  “Along the hairline of  the forehead and then across the cheeks and a little on along the chin.  Think a 3 on one side of the face and an E on the other side.  Anywhere the sun would naturally tan you, however it must be used with a very light touch. Bronzer is different then contouring and should  give a 'sun kissed' look not a 'tan' look.”

Is foundation for everyone?Or only if you have spots to cover up?  "I don’t think it depends on the person, I think it depends on the occasion and situation.  Television, photos, and high definition foundation is for everyone, even the young with perfect skin.  Red carpet events yes probably...dates maybe just a BB cream...daily office looks maybe a tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup.”

What is the best mascara for length?  “I actually like the mascara that makes the little kind of coats the lashes.  I have lash extensions so I don’t wear a lot of mascara.”

What eye makeup colors work best for highlighting green eyes?  “Plums or purples usually bring out green eyes...however telling people to  wear purple eye shadow can be scary for them and for the outcome.  So I usually say plum tones and then contoured with eggplant or rich browns that will keep the purples muted.  Remember all of these colors should be matte! Shimmer only belongs on the lid.”


What is one item you can’t live without? “I can’t live without my Kari Gran Lip Balm!”

What is your favorite thing in your beauty bag? “My favorite thing is my MAC Concealer for sure!”

What do you use everyday? “I use my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and MAC Strobe Cream every day without fail!”

Lashes, daily glue on’s or extensions? “Extensions for sure! I get my extensions done at Wink Lash Extensions in Bellevue off Main St.  I don’t know what brand they use, but I like them because my eyes look polished and striking even without makeup…I’m so vain I want to look pretty even when I workout or go on my runs…so this is perfect for that;) Plus being blond, I don’t  have dramatic features…everything kind of blends together…brows, lashes, lip color.  This gives me a little extra something.”

What beauty items do you use on a special occasion? “ I only use my Airbrush Foundation on special occasions.”

What are you longing to add to your cosmetic bag? “A travel size blush and brush.”

Do you have any tips for saving money on your favorite products without sacrificing quality? “Buy things in Tubes and then when you are almost out, cut it in half and use a q-tip to remove the excess product. Cover the exposed ends with Grab and Seal Glad Wrap and it will last you another full week or more.”

What is your favorite splurge? “Good brushes are my favorite splurge in my beauty bag! They really make a difference when applying cosmetics.
Do you have anything in your beauty bag you've used since you were 16?
Sequoia:  I don’t have a specific product I have used since then, but scented hand cream for sure is an absolute must. I use it constantly and I love smelly lotions!”

Favorite Concealer?  “MAC Select cover-up.”
Favorite Mascara?  “Lash Blast waterproof mascara, by L’Oreal.”
Favorite Blush?  “MAC in Dainty.”
Favorite Chapstick? “Burts Bee or Kari Gran Lip Balm or MAC Lip Conditioner. I keep one of these everywhere, accessible at all times.”

You can find Seqouia on Facebook, Twitter or her website (Flawless Beauty Bars). Do you have a beauty question? Ask her, she loves answering fan questions!

I personally can't wait for a Flawless Beauty Bar to be open in Portland. If you live by the Washington Flawless Beauty Bar go check her out!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try the MAC Select cover-up and add a little MAC Strobe Cream for my dark circles too.
    Sent over from Olive and Ivy :)

  2. What a beautiful lady and a great interview! You make me almost wish I lived on that coast =)


  3. I'm a big fan of Smashbox too (when I can afford it) and their primers are the best!

    1. I haven't tried them, but I have a Sephora giftcard so I will check it out!


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