Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To Shop Goodwill And Actually Get A Bargain {Kids Edition}

I have mentioned numerous times how much I LOVE getting deals and how much I LOVE Target. I have also mentioned how cheap I am because of being a couponer for over 3 years, as you can imagine those things don't always mesh well. Recently I found a solution, it's Goodwill

So today's post is about

**Keep in mind I am no expert, I am only relying on my own experience**

At Goodwill you can find smokin' deals and you can also find literal garbage, so you need to know what to watch for. Today I am sharing some tips on how to get the most out of your money

1- Target New Items
When you are shopping Goodwill you may see this small sticker on the back of a package or an item, these are items that Target deemed "salvage" for some reason. Sometimes it's because a package got open, like with these socks. Other times it's simply because it sat on clearance and they had to eventually clear it out. Snatch these up! 

These 10 pairs of socks were just $2.99, if you look on the back of the package, you can see the circle that says "DEF SALV" this let's you know it is salvage and you can see the price it was, so these were $7.99. I got $5 off just for shopping Goodwill! LOVE IT! 

I was able to get all of these items for just $19.94 at Goodwill, these items would cost me over 60 doll-hairs normally and they all are brand new with tags!!

2- High Quality VS. Low Quality
Know what brands are worth paying for and which are not. When using this list always remember to use your judgment. For example, I got a Hanna Andersson Sun-hat brand new with the tags for $1.99 at Goodwill I purchased it because this same hat retails for $26. On the other hand I saw a George dress selling at Goodwill for $8.99, this is NOT a good purchase. George is a Walmart brand and I could get the same dress brand new with tags for a little more then $10, so buying one used for $8.99 is NOT a bargain. Bottom line- if it isn't in excellent condition, it isn't worth it no matter what brand it is. 

3-Bargains and Discounts
Goodwill will usually have a senior discount day, so take yourself or a friend who has hit this lovely age and get anywhere from 10-20% off your purchase. Goodwill also marks down a color each week at 50% and they change the color every Saturday. Below is how you easily identify the tag colors
As with anything good shopping Goodwill takes time. I could easily spend 2 hours there searching through racks and scouring the shelves. I suggest going when you have at least an hour to spend browsing to get the best deals. 

I hope you learned something today and I hope you will shop Goodwill and come tell me what you found! I can't wait to see your deals! Come back next week to see how you can save on housewares at Goodwill!

Question of the Day: How do you bargain shop? Have you ever shopped at Goodwill?

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  1. I hate shopping at Goodwill. It used to be fun, but now with all their MEGA stores, they think they have to raise their prices up more than their items are worth. Not to mention that none of the Goodwill's I have ever lived at, never do discounts on clothing unless I bring my senior citizen grandmother to save a measley 15%. I might be very bitter about this, oh who am I kidding, I am VERY bitter about this because I might as well go to a store to get the NEW thing at the same price that a USED thing at Goodwill is.

  2. I love Goodwill shopping! It looks like you scored some great stuff!

  3. I love Goodwill! This helped so much Thank you for the tips :o)


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