Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Shop Goodwill and Get a Bargain {Housewares Edition}

This week's Goodwill post is all about saving on housewares. I have mentioned before how much I love saving money and Goodwill is an awesome way to save on items that you use to run your house smoothly everyday. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before buying housewares at Goodwill

1- Does it smell funky?
I always smell things at Goodwill, especially dishes and cooking utensils. I find this to be extremely helpful when you are buying things like Tupperware containers, if it smells super funky chances are no amount of bleach will remove it. It really isn't a bargain if the quality is low. 

2- Does it work? 
If an item doesn't even work properly there isn't a point in buying it, unless you are super handy and it would be an easy fix. My Goodwill stores have outlets in the electronics area, so plug it in and check it out before you buy it. 

3- Is anything missing or broken?
If you find a Tupperware with no lid, why buy it? If you find a hand mixer with no beaters don't buy it.Make sure there are no cracks or chips in items. It's not a bargain if all the necessary pieces to make an item work are not with it or it is broken. 

4- Is it really a bargain?
Make sure you are getting a deal. I often search Amazon on my phone to make sure the item isn't lower or similar priced there. If I can get it brand new for a few dollars more that's the better choice. The stuff I bought would have cost over $38 and I got it for just under $13 and it is all brand new in the package, bonus!

5- Do I need it? 
This last question is often the hardest for me...sometimes I need something only because I have wanted it for so long...if you are spending money on things you don't really need it's NOT a bargain.

Question of the Day: Do you ever shop Goodwill for housewares?

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  1. I like that you mention it's not a bargain if you don't need it in the first place. So many people get caught up in treasure hunting and coupon clipping and buy things they won't even use. But I saved $30! No, you actually spent money if you weren't going to buy if in the first place!

    You have the right approach to bargain hunting!

  2. Your Goodwill is a lot better than any of ours. For one, ours writes the price of everything with a Sharpie. Secondly, I never find stuff that isn't used. I'm always afraid to buy a used appliance for fear that it won't work. I do find awesome clothing deals for me and my husband though. My whole maternity wardrobe came from Goodwill.

    Sarah @ The Country Inspired

  3. I have gotten a few things from the Goodwill housewear but my Goodwill would charge like 2 less then the whole price of those items. Like if those cookie cutters were 6, my Goodwill would be 4. It isn't really a bargain unless I can't find the item at a normal store. For 2 dollars more, Id rather just buy brand new. In fact most prices in my Goodwill aren't a "bargain". I really should write a post about it.

    1. totally agree with you Cody, shopping at Goodwill is not shopping bargain prices. My goodwills never ever have clothing on sale so it's always just a 'skip the clothes and head over to furniture or books' type of trip.

  4. Check if your area has a Savers thrift store, it is the best thrift store chain I have ever been to! They have club cards (free) and email you about special discounts only for club members


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