Monday, July 8, 2013

Christisansted- {Trip recap part 3}

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Our hotel was in Christiansted so we decided to check out the town one evening when we had a few moments before my nieces softball game. Christiansted is the former capital of the Danish West Indies and the buildings have a lot of African influence because they were built by African slaves. Now that the history lesson is over lets get to the pictures.
Christiansted (like many places on the island) has tons of colorful buildings, pink, yellow, orange and mint were just a few of the colors that we saw on buildings around town and I LOVE it!

There were also chickens everywhere just cruisin' the streets.

 Posing like a model, per the norm with this little one.

 This hotel is located on it's own 5 acre cay (key) and they have their own beach and is only accessible by boat, maybe next time I can ride over and check it out.

Funny story in this next picture all my children were screaming in terror about being on the ledge of the gazebo, I am sure you can tell by the pained look on their faces. Blog pictures don't always go as planned...

Christiansted was an awesome place to tour and visit. We can on a Saturday around 6 PM so most of the shops were closing and they weren't offering many tours. Next year I hope to catch Christiansted in prime time and learn more about it's history.

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