Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Get Your Post Link Before You Hit "Publish"

Have you ever been co-hosting a link-up and they ask you for your post link, and you haven't published it yet? Has it left you scratching your head? Well I have the solution.
If you are like me sometimes you get a blogger boost and you schedule out 5 posts at a time, if you're also like me you don't want to log back on everyday to tweet about your posts or put them on Facebook, so you probably schedule them using Hoot Suite or something of that nature. Here is how you can get the links for your posts as soon as you create a title.

Here is a picture tutorial and the written out instructions are below.

1- On the right sidebar you will see a section titled "Post settings"
2- Click on "Permalink" and click "Done" your post link will be there, you can copy the link and use it
to schedule tweets or send to sponsors, anything you may need to do.

If you want a custom link keep reading
1- Go to "Post settings"
2- Click on "Permalink"
3- Click on "Custom permalink"
4- Type in your wording. Whatever you want your link to say. This is a great place to utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
5- Click "Done" your new custom link will be there for you to copy and use wherever you may need it.

Question of the Day: Did you know you could get your link on Blogger before you published the post? 

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  1. Errr , I guess my all post are custom and I never used it before , thanks girlie . I'd use it for sure .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I so didn't know this! Thanks so very much!! I am going to share a link to this post on my page as well! I am doing a blog hop on Monday's and this may help out a few people!

  3. I saw that feature before, but I never knew I could use it prematurely. Thanks for the tip. Definitely saves some headaches, especially when I link between posts.

  4. awesome! i was trying to figure this out yesterday! thanks!


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