Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missions and Bi-SOONS

 Quick background here. I am a Mormon. Have I ever mentioned this? In our church the young men (18) and the young women (19) go on 2 year proselyting missions. Basically they knock on doors and teach the Gospel. If you have questions please feel free to ask.

My husband went to Rapid City South Dakota on his mission, as you may know they as famous for things like Black Hills Gold, Corn and...Bison.

Well here's a story  that's so embarrassing I still turn red (I have a few of these...)

My love and I had our first date just shy of 2 months before he left, so a few weeks before he left I went to the library and got a butt load of books on SD, because I was 16 and thought this was cool I guess. So he came over one night and I proudly got all the books so we could read them with my little brother and sisters, I was really trying to show him I cared, awe.

I started reading a book all about the strong Bison except I said it this book was pretty long and I said Ba-Soon around 276 times and he never corrected me. When I finished reading the book he said "Um, you actually pronounce it  By-Son" my response "oh thanks" and this brown girl red...

1- I could NOT believe I had embarrassed myself like this especially when I had "researched" SD so thoroughly in order to be an expert.
2- I could NOT believe he never once stopped me.
3- I love him and I can NOT believe this happened over 10 years ago.

Question of the Day: Do you have a super embarrassing moment you wish you could erase?

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